tirsdag 29. desember 2015

The big party season

It's kind of the time for them... all those parties going on around here, there and everywhere. 
I'm not a part of them, though! Not this year, anyway. 
I'm at work, you know... so no partying around this parish. End of!

The wife herself, trying to follow some sort of conversation... Me busy trying to sort out the best way to produce a decent snap of the situation. Very low light, slow shuttertimes, as you might guess!

We like to take people home, every now and then, me and my wife. We like to have our friends around, especially when the weather is good in the summertime and such. Not very often then, as the norwegian western side is more wet than dry more or less all year around. Usually we take a look at the forecast on a thursday, and decide to get the friends along on friday or saturday the same week. It allways ends with horrible weather instead of the predicted good stuff. 
We never seem to mind too much, or learn!

The wifes brother usually stick well onto film. Not so this evening, but the good thing is that he was definitely not alone, as you sure will find out further down...

These snaps are from sometime last "summer", when the temperature never reached very much over ten degrees. This evening it was more like five, or thereabout.
It was a lot of great fun though, and a lot of good laughs and talking going on around the cottage walls. 

This bunch, snapped on the old Rolleiflex machine, was not exactly sticky either. They moved a bit, but the person behind the camera tried his very best! The good old father is back there, as well!

I'm looking forward to summer again, and to have people gathered.
But first of all I'm looking forward to the second or third of january... because then I'm getting home from here. It's allways good to get home from here!

My sister won't stick to anything less than superspeed film... no matter how much light you got around. This evening there was not much of it, so this is what you'll get of her for now. 

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