tirsdag 15. desember 2015

Bracing myself!

The first two weeks of the trip at work nearly done. Usually it's a relief to get to the point where you can look forward to less days on board than the ones you have allready done. Not so this time, I'm afraid. There's major overhaul to be done, and the clock is ticking towards the day we just have to start on the big job. Friday, it is. Friday this very week. It's probably going to be hard to manage the whole thing, but I just have to pretend everything is in hand. As I usually do...

This was snapped from the bridge wing of the Subsea Viking alongside Hatston Pier, Kirkwall, Orkney on a very much better day when the sun was shining, the sea was all flat, and we still had a helicopter landing pad out front. Not so today, where half of it was ripped off during a pretty rough storm a few weeks ago. There's a lot of power in all that water, I tell you! I think this was seen through my 35mill german lens and ditto camera.

Anyway. Since we will get the big thing started friday, this means that we should be done before the big hollidays. Well... hollidays at home does not automatically makes it a holliday on board, as you might expect. Still, we will probably be able to relax a bit as well even though there will be a few extra people on board working on different equipment. 
Cool thing that I just discovered a very few minutes ago is that a long time friend and co-worker of me from days way back in time, will also join to be a part of the team that will do and have the responsibility of the work being done to the main engines. I'm really looking forward to see him again. It's been around 15 yrs. since we last worked together now, so it's probably about time we catch up a bit.
I even think I got an old snap of him around on my hard-drive, snapped back in time when we travelled the world fixing huge diesel engines. He is still in that same business though, while me myself decided to move to the shipping industry to get a bit more relaxed life. 
I need to snap him up again in a few days, of course!

See... there he is! To the right, straight from the early 90's some time, my old pal Torgeir. He's the kind of guy that will look exactly the same today, twenty-something years later. He might eat a bit less, but I'm not too sure about that either. The other boy is Runar. I still see him every now and then. Last time was just a few weeks ago, through the bottom of a pint... I must say though, that I'm a bit surprised that I can be out here at sea, and still have things like this to draw up when needed. Don't look at the scan though! This was done on a truly bad thing bought ages ago... I better start rescan a few of my films... I think this was probably done on that old Nikon F401, or maybe even on that only Canon I ever owned, the AE-1.

And before I had finnished putting these words together and had them posted, the good old man wrote a message to me on facebook... he had seen my name popping up as he was preparing for the job on board my ship. Great...! Then we should have the best team possible to get this job done and dusted! 

I will keep you informed as the days go by :))

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