onsdag 30. desember 2015

2015, nearly done and dusted

Soon to be gone, 2015. 
Only memories left of the year as we know it, and a new year is knocking at the door as we speak. 
So, what did 2015 bring then... you might ask yourself. Lots, I would say, even though not all of it was good. As it should be, probably. 

How would it look then, my 2015 seen through a few snaps?
You get them here... collected in a matter of a few minutes. I have probably forgot something in the process...!

Me and my wife started off the new year going to Orkney, together. She had never been here before, and it turned out she loved the place and the people. Of course!

The grandson Rohan Alexander was born late march, and a great little kid he sure is I tell you! The last snap is from his christening though... so that'll be a few months later.

Some came, others left. My wife lost her father only a couple of days after Rohan was born. It was very sudden, and very sad, as it allways is when someone leaves to never come back.

A fantastic good weekend out in the very outer skerries of the northwestern coast of Norway we had! Me, my wife, my sister and one of our common friends. Kayaking and doing all sorts of good stuff.

Me and my father walking the streets of the old parts of Trondheim later in the year. It was a cold, wet, misserable and fantastic great day out with him! We have not done anything like this in years, and it was pure joy and simply fantastic :))

All snapped on film, of course... different cameras, different kinds of film. All scanned negatives, not even taken away the slightest track of dust... as I do, you know.

Then I just want to wish you all of my readers a Happy New Year for 2016! 
Really hope to see you all again soon, and hope I'll get a bunch of new readers through next year :))

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  1. Great post Mr Karlsvig - and great clean snaps. I seem to either get clean negs or negs full of dust, even though I use the same process every time. Happy New Year my friend and next time I'm in the darkroom (hopefully soon!) I will do some printing for you, only 10x8 at the minute though. I have my eye on one of yours for my wall, too - the first shot in this page: http://filmphotographymadesimple.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/im-back-out-out-in-daylight.html which is just great.

    1. Thanks a lot, Michael... but my negs are not that clean, at all! I don't care to wipe them before I scan though, so what I got is what you get to see. A bit different if I make a print though...! 10x8 is as good as anything, my friend!! I will set up my darkroom one of these days to try make a decent print of the one suggested. I contact you elsewhere for shipping details :))


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