fredag 4. desember 2015

I even got this pixelcollector, right here!

I brought a few cameras this trip, just in case I may manage to get some good use of them in some way. You know, it's this time of year and all. There could be things to snap, for all we know. 
I even brought a tiny pixelshooter, just in case. It's a Fujifilm something-pro, just because I can use my japaneese AND german lenses on the thing. How cool is that, tell me?! 
Nope, not that I'm going to really go wild and through the roof and snap a horsedung of pixels, believe me, but more because I have owned the thing for a couple of years now without having felt eager to give it a good test. Not until now, anyway. And who knows... tomorrow I might not feel like doing it, after all. We'll find out soon enough, I bet.

An oldish filmsnap from the ship docked in Orkney, just where we are located as I write this. And oh, yes... there are dust to be found, as there usually is. Don't remember which film, nor the camera. Probably german stuff... oldish.

There it is... a lot of my headache compressed into one small image. The crane, it is!

Some day last summer, or some time. Leaving Orkney, heading homewards. Snapped from the taxi, as I'm prone to do at times.

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