torsdag 2. februar 2017

Plans, and roughly what they seem to be worth

I went home from work just before New Year, as you might remember. Was scheduled to stay at home for nine weeks because of the hard times in the business and things like that. And the charterer of the ship had decided to move the scheduled crew change with one week, making it nine weeks at home for me, this time. 
At least that was the plan, but as we all know very well, plans are not always something worth thinking too much about. So here I am, suddenly back on board the ship again. The other guy had to call in sick, so what else can one do than just step in when needed. 
It's great to be able to step in when needed, believe me, but it usually comes with a pretty obvious backside as well in a job where "stepping in" means you are going to be away for at least two weeks, or most likely 4 weeks. OK, we are used to stay away for 4 weeks at a time, so that's really not an issue either. Plans, would be the biggest issue, I think. 
Things you planned to do when at home, and things and work you had started to do but just have to drop dead and run away for four weeks. That's an issue, actually.
I had a bathroom going on, as you might remember. Lucky is the wife who will be forced to stay for a few more weeks at the cottage instead of going home!
And what's going to happen further through the year? Is it even any point in making plans at all, anymore? 

Another one from around Christmas time. Containers, rubbish and the superstructure of the Subsea Viking. All duly snapped up on that roll of Kodak T-max 100 I had to play with this day. Seemed like a nice enough idea to waste film on this frame at the time, even though I'm not absolutely sure when I see it now. Still, it's done and posted and nothing to think back on. I would really love to walk around a place like this in the company of a great photographer one day, just to see how a pro would solve something like this, or maybe just skip the whole idea of snapping the frame at all, and why. I might need to find a nice little workshop or something to join, at some point. Or just go out and practice on my own would probably make a great starting point.

And then there's the films. You know the collection of exposed 120 films, and the couple of 135 sized things awaiting to feel the bite of some old Rodinal or maybe even something a bit more fancy on a good day.  Well, I would not hold my breath to see the results from them if I were you guys. Just saying...

Oh... and I found a few lines again. Strickt lines, contrasts, bits and pieces and what have we all. It's nothing to print for the wall and such, though. I realize that...

And just to really top it all off I got really sick on my trip inside the car from Aberdeen to Nigg in Cromarty Firth, Scotland today. I got a suspicion why I got sick, though.
You see I went to do some babysitting the other day. Tuesday I think (my feverish brain trying to figure things out here...). He was sick, the little lad, and the mother had to go to school to get a couple of very important things done, and I thought it would be great to be able to help her out. And it very much was, as we had a great few hours spent together, me and the grandson. We spent most of the time taking a very close look at a couple of nice cameras, as he found them a bit more interesting than all the other toys spread around the house. The F3 was on top of the list, obviously, as there's bits to press and push all over that camera body. And then there was the lenses and everything. Focus rings on the 35 and 50mm thing were easy enough to operate to give them full score, at least that's what I think he meant... I spent a conciderable ammount of time to clean the front elements of those things after I got home, but it was very much worth it,
But I think I degress a bit. OK, point is that he was sick, and now I'm sick. I think I'm a lot sicker than he was. I feel no good at all, to be honest.

I don't even know why I grabbed this one, and in three slightly different versions as well just to really top it off. Probably the angle of that slope of rocks and that tree against the sky, or maybe it was the sum of everything, but I'm not sure anymore. I doubt I noticed that little poodle, because that could have been used to do something maybe. Still it's a bit late for that now, as I hopefully never will see this place again, ever. Again it's something originating out of american T-max 100 film snapped using a japaneese camera.

That could also be the reason why there's not too much signs of positive stuff inside this post.
I might come back in a few days with some flowers and sunshine. At least I really hope I do.
But OK, since you ask I can say a couple of great things going through my brain as I discovered where the ship was laid up this time, as I've seen the place from the sea a lot of times and always wanted to go here but never have had the opportunity. 
I hope to get out of the secured area around this harbour one of the few next days, as we are scheduled to stay here for 10-12 days or something like that. 
Another good thing (I hope) is that I brought film, and cameras.
As you would when you have a nice little 365@50 project going on. First film is getting close to finished folks, so will be among the ones getting a bath when I get home, at some point.

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  1. Hope you feeling better Roy (and your grandsn too)...and still out there snapping. We'll get to see those 365 images soon enough, once you are back on dry land and get some time to yourself.

    1. Thanks, Michael. At least I'm feeling a little bit better, but not absolutely 100% yet. As for the grandson I just had some snaps coming through on facebook last night indicating he is a whole lot better now than when I met him last. Chocolate, baking, running around... you know, good indicators for sure.


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