tirsdag 28. februar 2017

One step forward, two steps back

Oh yes, it's Monday and one day closer to crew change scheduled for Thursday. Again some bright brained dude somewhere down south found Saturday to be a better choice, so here I am seeing my first weekend off disappear into the blue. I will not be home until Sunday evening then, as flights on Saturday from Oslo or Bergen to my home town is non existant. 
This means we will have to really think about how we like to spend the few weekends I'm getting this time. Three instead of four actually makes a difference, but I might have been through this tale before...

Just like a sailor facing overtime on board his ship, time seems to stand perfectly still while being oblivious to the world around them as these girls are getting their manicure done inside a shopping center downtown Middlesbrough some time in february last year. I think this was done at least 1/4s handheld, but might even be 1/2s. The old M3 rangefinder and the 50mm lens it was for sure.

Had a decent walkaround inside the engineroom a bit earlier today. Need to check that everything is ship shape before the new crew arrive. Brought the F3 to take the daily snap and everything. #058/365 as it happens. Will soon have two films to develop, which is a nice thing. 
Actually I got a bunch of films to develop, but only two from the 365 project. There's a lot of other stuff as well, so just keep on coming back for the full story some day next week when I'm at home. I'll try to get them done ASAP.

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