mandag 20. februar 2017

Just a casual snap, from back in the days

They show up, every now and then, the things you used to snap being a wee boy over in Norway having got your first camera for Christmas one year. I think this one is from my first film, or at least from one of the first films fed through the Minolta Hi-Matic G I still got laying around. 

Snapped with the Minolta Hi-Matic G, probably on old Ilford HP4 or something like that. Maybe even Tri-X, but I have to check that to be sure.

It's over 40 years now, since I snapped this. And in 40 years from now the negative will still be around if the ones coming after us have any interest in keeping it sort of safe inside it's folder. 
It was snapped in the upper corner of my grandparents piece of land, which now belongs to my parents. The little house is no longer there, of course. I remember a couple of extreme winters with a lot of snow up through the eighties laid the thing quite flat towards the ground, and I took the thing apart and burned the remains of it. It was built by my grandfather for my uncles and aunt to play inside when they were kids. 
Sadly the grandfather died before the little house did.
Let's just hope somebody will take the time and effort to print it some day, put it up on the wall for a day or three just to keep the memories alive. 
Actually, I might even do just that myself as well... just because I can.
I might even throw a film inside the Hi-Matic G as well, just for the good sake of it.

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  1. Important, snaps like this. Helps us remember about the permanence of things. More precisely, the lack of...


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