fredag 17. februar 2017

Remember to keep it in mind!!

We are towing the 3.5km long bundle thing at the moment, towards it's final rest somewhere out in the North Sea. At least it's going forward, and we seem to be in position to begin sink the thing down some time around noon, tomorrow. And nothing much more to be told about work, today. Oh, and the weather is very nice. Like mid summer, actually. Flat ocean, sunny and quite on the mild side of things. Perfect, probably.

Something from the archive. Scanned 120 neg from the fantastic Diana F+ partly light tight plastic box I got at home. There's even the possibility to change shuttertimes on the thing, between B and something timed of which I don't know too much about. Maybe around 1/60 of a sec or something? I have no clue. And there's a myriad of three different aperture settings as well, so you might get lost in this camera for a while. Oh, and the rather visible vignetting comes for free with the camera, as the lens is quite something else. Cheap, made out of plastic and all that, as we know. It's a lot of fun, though.

I might grab the FM2 or the rangefinder, or both, and have a stroll on deck later as that's the only chance to get some fresh air and use of both the legs and a camera right now. Nothing much happening out there, at least not yet, but I'll take a walk anyway. Just to get the fresh air. 

The NRK (National Norwegian News broadcaster thing) news agency posted this article on their front page this morning. It's about the increasing number of youngsters being turned into film wasters these days. There's also this woman from a photo store in Oslo mentioning they're developing around the same number of film rolls each day now as they used to do in the late 90's. Then again this is more or less the only place (with a few exeptions) you can get this service in Norway today. 
What I did notice from the BW photograph of the woman she's got a lot more film behind the desk this year compared to a couple of years back when I went inside her store to pick up a ten-pack of FP4 and HP5. Amd that's nice to see.  

And another one as well, while I'm at it. Same film, same camera (quite obviously) and around the same area as the one above. But here you see the sea as well, in the background there. A nice day out, it was!

And hey! 
For those of you scattered around the UK or nearby: Don't you dear forget Andrea will be talking about her snaps over at An Lanntair in Stornoway in a few days from now. Just don't miss it out. I can't get there, though, as I'm at sea and it seems to be a long swim away from here.
And I must say I really do wonder what that Zine they are mentioning is all about. We might find out by watching Andrea's blog with an open eye in the future, for all I know.
Oh and yes, I did have a nice tour around back deck area earlier thank you very much. It's just that this post has been written in sections through the day. You know what I'm talking about, probably.

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  1. I clicked on the link Roy...but Google gave up and refused to translate it. Not all bad, though - it gave me a chance to brush up on my Norwegian-speaks. Interesting...and some of it straightforward enough (Den Analoge Hevnen :) Good to see some pics of younger peeps experiencing analogue heaven - we know that's the way for Ilford and the like to keep producing this lovely stuff.

    1. Google translate is probably worse than trying to figure things out on your own. Whatever you do, never trust Google translate!
      "Den Analoge Hevnen" would translate to "The Revenge of the Analogue", by the way. But heaven sounds at least just as good, to be honest :))

    2. I like 'Revenge of the Analogue' better! 'Film Bites Back'...


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