torsdag 23. februar 2017

I'm looking at photos, again

This day was not a bad one, thank you very much. Quite nice, for a change. 
The engines are working a bit harder again now this evening, and I just went outside to check what the weather was like. No good, I tell you. No good at all. The wind is really picking up again, and it has started to snow. Like for real, you know. I brought the rangefinder as I knew we were located very close to another ship. Switched the thing to "B" and closed the aperture a couple of steps, pressed the yellow shutterbug on the top of the thing and counted to twentysomething or thereabouts. Then I went back inside and into my cabin. I think I'll go to bed early as I probably will need the sleep I can get before the sea is starting to really pick up as well. It usually kind of follows the wind, you know...

I have used the last couple of hours to rush through a couple of blogs I thought I might find interesting. Well, so far I can't say I'm turned into an addicted fan, but it may change at some point for all I know. The project is quite big, and maybe it's too big and too demanding to ever get any good? And I'm not talking about some tiny little 365 thing here, mind you. This is something on the extreme side. And nope, it's not about the 52 cameras either.
I'll give it another chance before I write it off for good. I promise. I'll let you know if things improve as I read on.

In the car on my way back home from visiting my parents a while ago. I was driving through this tunnel and the camera was right there at the seat beside me, so I adjusted things without looking and snapped three frames. I think this one got something, but I'm not quite sure what it is. Probably lines, light and shadows. Patterns and things, I guess. Seems to drag you in, somehow. Huh...? 
It's another Ilford PAN400 pushed to 1600, developed in D-76 I think. Oh, and it was done inside a Nikon F3. The small one I'm now doing the 365 project on.

The other blogs I follow only seem to get better every day. Great work done at a lot of levels. Andrea did her speach at An Lanntair, and I have seen reports talking about sucess, thumbs up and probably a lot more. And I just wish I could be there to hear it all, as I just love her darkroom art.
Micke Berg, the swedish photographer and author, is getting older and have abandoned film long ago. He still talks about film though, and at times he tells us that nothing will ever get even close to the quality of film, but he still shoots digital. iPhone only, these days. He's getting lazy, he says. He still knows how to snap a decent snap though, and I love the way he writes. In swedish language only, sadly for the majority of you. 

He have used some time in his life to reduce 70 books full of negatives down to 25 by throwing stuff away. He's been through a few films for sure.
His best work, at least in my opinion, would be his documentary work from the political movements in sweden in the 70s. There's a lot to watch, and a lot of stories told inside those snaps. And his portraits of guys like Johnny Rotten and Tom Waits... well, what can I say. There are stories told there as well, but probably nothing for kids ears.

I will not say there's a lot of stories told inside this snap. Maybe if the walls could speak there would be one or two worth telling, but then again you never know. I like the lines inside it, and the structure and the shape of things. It's from my walk around town a while ago. From that first roll of pushed PAN400 I did, if you remember?

Now I'm just eager to get home and inside the darkroom again. It's been too long since last time, and I can't get off this rollercoaster inside a bathub fast enough. 
And I'm getting low on unexposed film as well, just saying. I might have one roll left, which probably will find it's way inside the Nikon FM2 one of the next few days. I might just leave it there until I'm on my way back home. 

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  1. Lovely shot in the tunnel, Roy.

    1. Thanks mate!!
      It's probably not a part of the "learning to drive" book and stuff like that, figuring out exposures and taking pictures while driving. It was not as bad and dangerous as it seems, though...


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