lørdag 11. februar 2017

I made myself some work

I seem to get things to do when I get back home, whenever that might be. 
I've been out snapping again, and the number of exposed rolls starts adding up and take up some space on my desk. Which is OK, by the way, as I feel I've been walking around feeling blind for too long now. 
OK, I will prbably get to a point where I start wondering why I snapped a million frames of the same thing when I get the rolls developed, but then again it's better than nothing to actually snap something. And then there will be variations. Variations over the same theme, if you catch me. And that's just the way I seem to do things, sometimes. 
And of course there's the fact that it's a rather limited number of things you actually find interesting enough to waste film on, in the kind of area like this one. 

Another one from my test run of the Ilford PAN400 shot at 1600. I can't help myself from liking this film, to be honest. Don't really know why yet, but I might find out some day when I get a bit better used to it. Anyway, we will see as the 365@50 project become more than just an undeveloped roll staying at my desk. I might not like it at all when the first result of that batch see the light of day. Nikon F3 and Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 lens.

Anyway, I strolled away this evening as well. Out for a hunt to see what I could find. Brought the M3 and the 365@50 Nikon F3 project camera, as I had not snapped the daily one earlier in the day. Oh, and the iPhone as well, just for the heck of it. 
I found a few interesting lines and some light over at the huge buildings I talked about the other day and did a few passes over there. Snapped this and that with the Leica. Then walked back and forth to get something half decent with the phone. While standing there, pointing the thing straight up into the black night sky towards a steel structure high up above, I suddenly became aware of a CCTV camera just a few yards away. 
So what do you do then? Two choices, I hastly decided. You can go away or you can just keep on snapping. I thought about it for a very short period of time and quickly came to the conclusion that they have been looking at me for many a night now while walking around the area looking suspicious. So I decided it was no danger at all, and that they could do nothing worse than come ask me what I was doing, pointing things into the air the way I did. 
Well, no security guard came driving this evening either, so it's probably OK then. I hope.

Here we go! Snapped on the back deck of the Subsea Viking during lubrication of the crane wire a few days before Christmas 2016. The captain was on deck and wanted me to waste a frame to have evidence to show off that he had actually been there :)) 
Same film, but I think I used the 85mm f/1.4 beast for this one. Lovely lens, but way too big. Oh, and yes it was in the middle of the black winter night. Not too bad in that condition either, the PAN400 when pushed a couple of stops. 

We are preparing to go to sea, finally. Seems like the ship is close to fully upmanned now, which means we will leave some time tomorrow after lunch. I got no clue about this job, but I'll try to keep you informed. I might even get the chance to snap a few on deck some time during the next couple of weeks, but that remains to see. I'll try, anyway.

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