mandag 30. januar 2017

Exposed films, old buildings

Another weekend done, and I have managed to finally produce a nice bunch of exposed films either you believe it or not. Still I realize you can have millions of them and they would be worth nothing in the form they are at the moment. Developing is quite an important part of it all, as we know. I still hope to get them all done within a few days.

I went over to the old wool factory yesterday. I have spoken about it before in a post dating back to November 2015, but as this area is not actually very big you will have to speak about things more than once. Revisiting stuff is a big part of our lives over here. 
If you didn't bother to click the link to see the original post I'll fresh up your memory a bit and show you the snap below, as this is the actual building I have been looking at every time I visit this place. 

I just love this part of the factory, because of the texture of the old walls, the nice old windows, the grass growing out of the gutters and generally simply because of the rustic appearance of the building itself. 
I went over to the other side of the island to take a few more photos of this place during this weekend, and found the old thing all covered up in scaffolding and barrier tape and all sorts of stuff indicating major work in progress. 
That could be good, but it may also be bad. 
The good thing of course is that someone finally have decided to try save this part of the factory as well, just the way they saved most of the other parts of it. The bad thing is that it will probably look quite a bit different the next time I'll get the chance to stand in the same place to snap it up. That would mean that this probably is the last snap of the building looking like this, done on film anyway. 
Depending on the results of the refurbishing of the place I might consider printing it up big and go there one dark night to put it up on the wall right there, for everyone to see how it used to be not too long ago. 
And I am not painting things black here, because I have been very aware of the chance that this actually was going to happen at some point, and that it's necessary to do something about the building if they are going to put it into some good use. I just hope they do it with some kind of well meant thought and respect of the looks the building have gained during it's lifetime. I am not holding my breath, though.

Another hope and wish I have for this particular building is that they decide to make it contain something a bit different than the rest of the area. You see there's (in my opinion, anyway) too many shops and outlets inside the old factory premises already, so I hope someone have other plans for this place. 
As the adjacent building is actually (against all odds) housing a glass artist and a blacksmiths workshop, I hope this place might contain some kind of other arts or crafts center when it's finished. 
Thinking about it, it's usually only a question of who dares to do what. 
I am in absolutely no doubt it would be a great place for any full time photographer to set up some kind of gallery making a tiny little business out of it. I am also in no doubt at all that quite a few different artists could live happily inside this place and get loads of inspiration from each others work. If they ever get the chance, that is. 
There's most likely no way that is going to happen, I'm sorry to say. The rent will probably not make it possible to make any of them survive in a place like this, as most of the visitors will only be doing just that. Visiting, watch and like, before they go to leave their cash inside one of the outlets instead, buying jackets and clothes they got more than enough of back home inside their overfilled closets. 
Again it's most likely a question about who dares, and who don't. 
I got an idea of what I would have done, if I dared, but I don't.
Besides, when would I ever have the time to write anything more on this blog if I started my own darkroom and shop kind of thing? And when would I ever get the chance to go see places and take more photos if I had something like that to take care of in addition to everything else?
Nah, stop getting bright ideas would be the best idea so far this morning.

No one will ever even think about putting this building back into it's original state a hundred years from now. That's what I think, anyway. 

At least I went over there and snapped a few frames this weekend. Daytime and night, as it happens. On 120 film with a couple of Mamiya RZ cameras and everything. Lets find out in a few days if I got the exposures somewhat right, or if I'm getting real rusty or something. 
After all, you never know until development is done and the films have been dried and ready to be translated into some nice paper copies. After all it's another one of those old crafts, with a fair mix of both coincidence and randomness involved.

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  1. Good words sir! Hopefully whatever they do to it, that old wool factory, will be sympathetic. If its anyhing like my home town it will soon be filled with yet more coffee shops, charity stores and discount retailers. I hope that doesn't happen! Some art thing which stimulates the brain would, as you say, be just the ticket. Darkroom&film stuff would be a lovely venture...but there's bills to pay too and that might be the sticking point ;)

    1. Thanks again, Michael.
      Bills to pay sure sounds like a very well known sticking point to me...!


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