lørdag 18. februar 2017

Ambitious, you tink? Nope, obviously not!

Before I started my 365@50 project on film I had a not too long discussion with myself around the possible fallpits and stuff like that. I have tried something similar before with digital, as I thought that was the easiest way to see the project finalize one year, or 365 days later. 
I was wrong, because of modern technology. Or actually more the lack of such, when at sea. I had a goal that my one snap each day also was going to be posted the same day it was taken. I soon got myself into difficulties keeping up with my own rules, and somewhere around mid-way through the project I gave it up because of this issue. 

The old facade of one of them old factory buildings back home. One of the things undergoing restoration right now. The other one you'll find somewhere at the bottom of this page. I like the look of these walls, for some odd reason. And they seem to tell stories. No clue about which camera used, but I suspect it's one of the rangefinders with a wide angle lens attached.  

This time everything is a bit different. It's on film, and you can't possibly post one snap each day unless you either waste a lot of film or work as a magician or something like that. 
I have decided the snaps will be posted when they are ready, and nothing much else is promised. Chance is I will fail at some point, but then it's most likely some issue with something done wrong in the development of a roll, or whatever. I don't think it's a good idea to get too busy with thoughts like that. I'll just keep on, taking each day as it comes and try to document this year seen through my eyes and my camera lens as things are thrown towards me. 

I had a few thoughts around if this is a project a bit on the ambitious side, but there are people doing things way beyond this. Just saying.
Ever stumbled upon Tony Kemplen's blog? The 52 cameras in 52 weeks thing? Well, this guy is something completely else. The original idea seem to have been a one year project for 2010, but fact is he has just started on year eight, and seems to be in week #366 today. That would mean he would have had a few breaks up through the years, but I was certainly not going to blame him for that. He has not fed complete rolls through all of the cameras, but still he has tested 366 different cameras with film, and posted the results on his blog and on flickr. I wonder a bit what his camera room looks like, I must admit. 
My tiny little invisible thing of a project suddenly seems like a toy compared to this massive work, but then again we all have to start somewhere. 
And who knows? I might try something different next year, depending a bit on how this year is going along. 
I'm on day #49 today, just to keep you updated. I got everything well noted inside one of my notebooks about what's on each of the frames and such, you know.
And the Nikon F3 is working flawlessly, thank you. As for yet anyway.

Take a good look at this beautiful thing. I'll snap the new and overpainted thing as well, some day. Just to be able to compare new and old. 

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