tirsdag 14. februar 2017

Nothing much Valentinesday like, out here...

A quick tour at sea, and on our way ashore again as I write. Crewchange very early tomorrow morning in Scrabster is the plan. I might even get enough daylight to snap one or two before we leave the place again. There's a couple of buildings there I actually could need to point one of my cameras towards again. We'll see. I'm not going home this time, by the way. Another two weeks until my ticket to ride is here.

An old house I found down south in Bergen a while ago last time I was there walking about without anything special to do. I think it's from the M3 rangefinder, handheld on some quite long exposure time. At least by the looks of it. And it was in the middle of the black night as well, so that might explain a few things. Could also be snapped with the M6, but that would be the same thing inside a slightly different shell, more or less. 

Rumors from home tells me that the wife is looking through my files of snaps to see if there's anything there worth hammering a nail into one or two of the walls inside the cottage for. I guess she'll come out empty handed after quite a while of searching. 
Because it's not the easiest of jobs, I know. At least I hope I'll get the job of printing them, should there be anything found at some point worth hanging.

Oh, and I was actually featured some time today. On the Ilford Blog and everything. I guess you might have heared the story and seen the snaps one or three times before, but anyway I was kind of happy to see the thing after all. I wrote it quite a while ago, just saying.

I walked myself straight into a crowd of birds eating stuff laying in the middle of the road. I had the M3 partly ready, because you know what's going to happen, just not exactly when and to what degree. This one ended up on the boring side, I realize that, but it's always worth a try. Besides, I'm running out of snaps to show off here, so I have to post'em no matter what. 

I cheated today, on the 365@50 project. Seems like I might have abandoned the part of the idea involving using only one lens for the project. I don't think it's possible, to be honest. I'm in no way a "one lens man", and even though I think the idea sounded like a good one in the start it would have the potential to shrink or narrow the project quite a bit, and I would say it's narrow enough without having to shoot only with the 50mm through 10 films. At least that's what I'm thinking at the moment. 
So, I went for the 35mm today and it did the job. I think.
After all we know nothing about just that until development day another few weeks from now. 

A wall with a hole inside, in the middle of my old hometown. Sometimes I like this snap, and other times not very much so. It might be worth stroll this way some other day with a bit more light outside. It's from the photowalk some time ago, Nikon F3 and who knows what lens. Probably something in the region of 50mm. 

And finally just one more thing. Have a quick look at these frames! Seems like I need to get home and get some film loaded into the 120 format Diana, or something. I liked them a lot.
But then again it's a proper photographer we're talking about here.

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  1. Congrats again on the Ilford Blog, Roy - it came together very well I thought, those words and pictures.

    I can do 'one lens' for a while, but not sure I could do it for a whole year, every day. I don't think anyone will mind that you snuck in a 35mm...actually I was surprised, I thought you might be heading for a 21mm for a real big change ;)

  2. Thank you again, Michael. I'm not too sure about that Ilford blog thing, but at least there was words written and snaps posted. I guess I just have to be happy about it. Then again it's way to late for any second thoughts now :))

    Nah, the 50 mm idea I was having in mind at the start of the project could not live on forever, and I think I've mentioned it before as well that I might abandon that plan quite quickly. And right now I'm happy I did. Leaves me a bit more free to do what I feel like in the moment. The widest lens I got for the Nikon system would be a 24 mm thing though, so unless I find something wider somewhere on the streets that would be the best I can give you from the F3. For the real cool snaps you'll have to wait until next project, where I might just as well incorporate the rangefinders. At least I got a 21 mm wide one for them cameras.
    And then there's the 37 mm for the Mamiyas, of course. Weighing in at around a quarter of a ton, or something like that...


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