torsdag 16. februar 2017

Backyards and old memories, and a couple of new ones

Stuck in Sinclair Bay, Scotland. On DP, at sea about a mile off shore, or something like that.
Working on the launching of a 3.5km long "bundle", which seems to be nothing more than a long yellow "thing" we are supposed to tow out into the middle of nowhere and get installed on the seabed at some point. With this speed it's going to take some time, but let's wait and see.

One more from the day out and about in my home town a few months back. Walking around with the camera club bunch, if you remember. Not the best situation for me, I have to admit, as I very much seem to rather prefere my own company if I'm going to get anything good out of it. It was fun, though. Not very difficult either, as you just had to follow in the footsteps of somebody else. Well, more or less. I don't know if anyone else thought of moving into this back yard to snap a frame. I did, as you might understand. Nikon F3, I think.  

365@50 project is slowly coming together with one single snap done each and every day onto Ilford PAN400 film @1600. Two more weeks until I'm home and hopefully ready to have the first roll dipped into some developer. Good thing is that the second roll should be more or less finished as well shortly after. That would mean the first 72 snaps or so will be ready to post within three weeks from now, or thereabout.

Towards the end of the same walk as presented above. A kindergarden, I think. There are higher fences around them things nowadays compared to when I grew up. I got a vague memory of escapes done out without getting noticed, and a bit more than vague memories of getting yelled at by quite a few from the staff a bit later. Seems like the kids can rest ashured that won't happen anymore... and maybe it's just as well, thinking about it. M6 rangefinder, I think.

Nothing much else to report from this tiny, cramped space I live on at the moment.
There might be more some other day, or maybe not.

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