fredag 24. februar 2017

F3 misfire, as it just had to happen eventually

Ran outside this morning just after I woke up. Snow on the slippery steel deck outside my cabin and all, but just had to snap the ship from last night in some decent light since it was still here and quite close. I even had to grab the 35mm lens to frame the thing, so it was that close.
Framed it up and pressed the thing on top, and what do you think? Nothing at all happened but a very tiny little movement of the mirror. I could just barely feel and hear something was about to happen, but nothing did. So I turned the thing around and had a good look, and found the mirror to have jammed sort of. Pressed the button to fold up the mirror, and while doing that the shutter fired. Of course. With me staring into the lens in some no cool way. So I obviously wasted todays frame, and went in to decide what to do. I mean how strict should you follow your own rules? Any ideas?
I have kept on saying one snap each day, and everything to be posted no matter what they look like. But this is something else, and that's why I had to think about it. It would be very different if I was not aware that something weird happened, or if it was just a question about a bad exposure or something else quite trivial. This was a mechanical hickup, and I knew straight away.
So I went out five hours later and snapped a new one. Just had to. 

It's nothing new, mind you. Must be 18 years ago, or maybe even a little more. It's the young daughter back in the days of childhood. She's turning 20 in about two weeks from now. Time flies, as we know all to well. I think this is one of only a few frames saved from a film that did not come out to well from the old Minolta Hi-matic G. Think something went wrong when I was transfering the film to the Paterson spool thing. I even had to crop the frame for some reason, as you probably already had figured out. I kind of like it, so I might print it some day. 

That's it then. That's the photographic excitement I've been through today. 
Should I be concerned, you think? About the choice of going for the F3 thing for the project as the thing seems to get issues already at #55/365? Well, I guess a total breakdown is not the end of the world, after all. Still, that's not even close to what we're talking about here. It was a hickup, and everything seemed to work as usual during the next exposure at 1/250s, or thereabouts. I think I'll just continue like nothing ever happened, but will of course continue to monitor the condition of the thing. 

Tomorrow is saturday. The World Championship in nordic diciplines (Cross country skiing, ski jump and that sort of stuff) started a couple of days ago in Lahti, Finland. I guess there will be one or two of the engineers watching TV in the Engine Control room at some point. Might be worth to bring the Nikon down there at some point. 
We will see. 

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  1. Sure seems to me like mechanical failure is an exception to your rule!

    1. Thanks Jim. At least I'm the one to make the rules as we go :)
      Seems to work alright now, so I hope it will not happen too often.

  2. Those wasted frames, eh? Nice thing about film is that by the time you process it, you'll wonder What was that? And then you will remember...

    So...your rules, Roy! Break 'em if you need to would be my thoughts. But hopefully the F3 will be fine from now on.

    1. Thanks, Michael.
      Yes, the F3 has performed just fine (by the sound of things, that is) after this little incident. I think I just continue to use it and we'll find out somewhere along the way if it's getting more unpredictable of something. For now it's fine, anyway.


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