mandag 11. januar 2016

We went away for a few days...

We disappeared! Just a few minutes drive away from home, mind you, but still we disappeared. Sometimes one just have to! We went to the cottage by the sea. The one I have told you about quite a few times already, but probably not for the last time.

Went over here we did... from where you can see this and that, a bit depending on the weather at the time of looking out the window. 

When we arrived yesterday evening, we found the water supply to have frozen. Nothing serious, luckily, but I had hoped this would not happen to be honest. I did not believe it to happen, either, but that's a different thing!
On the other hand it's probably as cold as it ever will get out here right now. -10 deg. C is nothing like we are used to even in the winter time out here at the west coast of Norway. But anyway, -10 deg. here must be like -40 or something like that if you go a bit inland from here. Lots of moisture in the air it is, out here at the very coastline where the north sea meets this old piece of land... and then it's always a bit breezy. 
I heard there were several places in Norway having down to -45 deg. yesterday, forecasting around -50 deg. for today and tomorrow. That's bloody cold, I would say. Even though it's inland. Anyway, that's far up north from us... as you already have guessed probably.

We just had visitors. My son, and my grandson came stumbling through the door, one a bit more than the other. These guys... you know. 

Them! Only difference is the small one has grown a bit by now... as he should. And oh, yes I know... sprocket holes shining through and stuff. It's just a matter of sloppy handling of film!

The little boy and his proud uncle. The small one of them more or less managed to eat two plastic cups, one plastic spoon and half the fur of the cat before they just left. 
The big one was not very hungry for some reason, which means he managed with just a couple of cups of good coffee. GOOD coffee, it was! You see, I had just barely set up my very brand new coffee brewing thing before they came in through the door, so had to test that one of course. A brilliant piece of thing, as it happens. Supposed to be the best on the market, and what else have we all. But OK, the coffee was great anyway.

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  1. Another great post Roy. Your landscape looks amazing - mountains as well as sea! What's not to like there. And not a bad portrait shot either - even with sloppy film handling, which happens to us all from time to time. At least you know it's real...

    1. Thanks mate... way too kind, as usual :)
      I went over there yesterday. To the other side of the fjord where the mountains stand tall and steep. I will go there again soon, and bring a good camera. At least that's a plan. They look good with snow on them.


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