tirsdag 5. januar 2016

In the waiting

Up very early this morning, because I had stuff to take care of. Developing films, as it happens.
I did develop a few yesterday, as well, but a couple of the ones going into the bath today is a bit trickier!
You probably know the feeling when you at some point thought you were most clever, ending up feeling stupid and foolish without a clear idea of what to do with it? Well, that happened to me (again) last week as I was bright enough to expose two rolls of HP5 films, one of them at 800ASA and the other one at 1600 or maybe it was 3200ASA? Who can possibly remember details like that on such a day, anyway? And who would even bother at the time to mark them in one way or the other, just to be able to keep them apart and give them more or less the right treatment in the developer? Nah... not me, if any!

So what I did, this very morning, was to take a wee trip around the house to find that good old Rodinal bottle to mix up some lean brew I could soak them films in.
In my search for the right bottle, I stumbled upon a bottle of HC-110 as well! What's the odds for that, you'd say? I have not used the stuff for ages, so I picked it up and went down from the attic. I also picked up the Rodinal bottle, but did not use it as you might expect.
There's nothing much I know, about anything, but through my 48 years of living I have at least learned that if you own a bottle of Rodinal, or even HC-110 (or both...), you're most likely not to be able to get rid of them any time soon! They kind of last forever, as it happens. Good thing is that the stuff itself is poisonous enough to be just as good some 20 years after the "use before" dating on the bottle. At least that's what I aim and hope for, right here and now...

So, I ended up mixing a lean mixture of HC-110 instead. Around 1:150 I would say, as my scales and bottles would not be exactly famous for being accurate. Me myself neither, to be honest. Usually it's good enough though, for me anyway. At least when it comes to Rodinal. It's a long time since I used HC-110 now, and I'm not to sure if I ever have tested a stand development in that syrup either.
We should have a good look at some results in an hour or so, I would say, after I have slushed some water and fixer around the films as well. You might even watch scans of the negatives some day, if there should be anything at all on them. They are supposed to have been snapped at the Ba-game a few days ago.
I will report back to you, about the HC-110 stand development qualities... if any!

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