tirsdag 19. januar 2016

Why on earth did we go home?

Suddenly we decided to go home today, don't ask me why as I got no particular clue. 
Anyway, my wife was going to work late afternoon today so we decided to get away from the cottage around two o'clock or thereabout. I walked up to the road quite early, because of all the snow that has been falling the last couple of days. Well, I should have brought a giant heater! One bloody meter of snow has fallen down the last three days, and naturally I found the car to be totally gone more or less. Found the shuffle, eventually, and started the long days work. 

He had his birthday just a few days ago, believe it or not. Nicklas, the swede 1st engineer I used to work with a couple of months ago. We will no longer work together, it seems, and it's a real shame. On the other hand that's also the world moving forward. He needed something else to do now. Stay safe my good friend, and I hope to see you some day!! 35mm german lens, Ilford Delta 3200 film.

Got the car loose after quite a while, and went further uphill for half an hours walk to get some firewood for the oven back home. We got a place up there with loads of woods that we chop through the late winter and early autumn, but it was a tough job to get there today. Had to shuffle my way hundreds of yards up the steep hill, to where my mother in law lives. She has been snowing in, as well, so a good thing I went up there me thinks. Shuffeled a nice path for her so she's able to walk down to the road, and all. She was quite happy to see me. I kid you not!

As usual there is no particular reason why I post this snap, or the other, but this time I really have to wonder! It's on Ona, the island, and it's summer and everything is nice and calm other than all the people gathered at the ferry quay. They soon disappeared, luckily, so the rest of the evening went along very quiet. As it usually does, out there. Still I can't figure any reason why I still decide to post the thing. German 21mm lens, orange filter... and some unknown film. 

Then another good hours work to get hold of that firewood, before I went down to the cottage again to pick up the wife and all the stuff that was going home. 
Finally coming home just to find out it has snowed even more around here, and nothing else to do than grab the shuffle and start all over again. Like big-time! We got a quite large parking space outside the house, as it happens, and I need to have it mostly cleared to get room for what we need to have room for. 
OK, to make it kind of short... it was a hell of a job to get it all done, but now I'm finally here, inside the house, and no heart attack noticed so far. My body is totally destroyed though, so it's going to be a very quiet evening me thinks. The only thing I want to do is keeping the fire alive inside that wood burner, and that's about it. And make coffee... and drink it. I'm going to do some of that as well!

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  1. Great post Roy and some great photographs there too. No snow for us - just more rain and general dampness. Be sure to take your camera outside (when you have the energy) and capture some of that white-ness for us.

    1. Thanks Michael :)
      I will, some day. The sky has not been right lately... and we both know that has some value as well. I hope for something better some time over the weekend.
      Take good care over there :)


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