søndag 17. januar 2016

Shetland is different...

I'm a bit busy, again. As you probably know I discovered I had a few more tasks to be done as homework before the High Voltage Course is on, in not to many days from now. 
I'm still at the cottage, by the way. Still doing fine, and still having a great time over here. It's quiet out here, and that's good for me right now. 

Look at this one! Brutalism done the Shetland way. It's kind of cool though, in a strange way. I just discovered all those pylons back there in the hillside, to the right. Need to try go there some time to see if I can get a good snap or two. If I ever get to go there in that area again, of course. 

That's Bressay. It looks a bit nice and quiet over there as well I have to say. Why do I seem to get drawn to places like that, you think? Windy and weather beaten places where I could only be an observer to everything that happen in the harbor on the other side, without any chance to get involved in any way. That would suit me fine for a period of my life, I like to believe. 

Sure! They are sheep gathered together up very far north in Scotland. You are looking in the direction of Dunnet Head over there in the foggy weather. It's snapped from inside a taxi, again. It's also snapped on some not so great film containing delta grain. I'm not to fond of them... as you might know. I prefer the good old traditional films instead, as it happens. In addition I think I ruined this one during developing, as I seem to do these days.

I went over to the other side of our quite big and deep fjord a couple of days ago. Over there, you know. 
My daughter and grand child was moving over to that side, for her to be able to join school again after her months off after giving birth and all. I drove the big car with all her things inside, and helped her carrying all the furnitures and other stuff inside their new home and such. 
And it fell from the sky, loads of that white stuff we know very well as snow up here. By the time we had moved everything inside her new home, and I was ready to move on back home, we had another half of a meter of the stuff laying around the place. 
The big car was not built to handle it, the snow you know... just saying. Meaning I had what felt like a very long drive back home. I even brought a camera which I did not get any use of, since I had plenty to do keeping my eyes on the road at all times. I did see, though, that I need to go back with a quite different camera another day when the light is good and the snow still is laying deep up there in the mountains. I think I'll bring one of them big Mamiya ones, and some film. 
But that's for another day. 
Today I need to concentrate on those written words I need to deliver on-line to the school before tomorrow comes. 

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