mandag 18. januar 2016

A day inside the cottage

Finally! The written stuff before I attend the High Voltage Course next monday has been delivered. Hopefully I can relax a bit around that for now. At least for a few days.

Oh yes... it's those crazy guys from Kirkwall, again. The Ba-game and such... 

I can't see very far, from where I sit right now. I'm down by the sea, inside the cottage as it happens, looking down on the water. I don't think I have visual sight for more than 70 meters or something like that. It snows, you know. It snows a lot, to be honest. Everything has been covered with 40 cm of the white stuff only since yesterday evening, which makes me stay inside drinking coffee and just looking out the window. No point in even taking one of the cameras out for a short walk, as there's nothing much around here to capture, unless the air is clear and you can see for miles in most directions. 

A piano boy. Snapped a couple of years via one of those old germans and some Delta 3200 film. I finally got it developed a couple of weeks ago.

And it's dark, of course. As it is up here, around this latitude at this time of year. Good thing is that we start to notice a bit difference from the darkest days around christmastime, but that's if the sky is clear. It's quite far from clear right now! 

And where there's a piano boy, there's always a piano girl as well, I guess. At least that was the case in this show. 

Tomorrow is another day, though. So lets hope for better weather around here some time soon. I got things I want to capture, onto some FP4 or maybe HP5. I think I'm starting to run a bit low on film now, so better get something ordered sooner rather than later. 
I'm going to England quite soon, so I could probably get something around there somewhere? First stop will be up in York I think, so I better hit google to see what I can find. 

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  1. Take your Wellington Boots when going to York, Roy - I hear it's mostly under water :(

    1. I never go anywhere near the UK without them anyway, Michael, so be sure they will be going with me this time as well.
      Really bad thing, all this flooding you had over there lately, but looks like there's nothing much to do about it unless someone high up demands stuff to be done properly. Something like the Netherlands went through quite a few years ago, or something like that. It's a massive job, no matter how you look at it. But then again there's a massive strain on the people living in the middle of it as well. And most of them probably have to live with it for quite a long time. It's probably not that easy to just move away either... as you most likely are in a situation where you have to get rid of something important before that may happen. Not a good situation at all, I would say.
      We are snowing down, at the moment. I might write a few words about just that some time during the evening, if I can get my breath back after all that shuffeling at some point...


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