torsdag 14. januar 2016

It's still loads of fun!

I mean, doing work in the darkroom even though you don't have one. At least not a dedicated one, but I hope for it to come, some day.
I found myself having some spare time after the course I went through yesterday, and wanted to see if I could manage to shine some light through some medium format film and down onto some good old B&W photographic paper to get a decent print or two. 
Well... I'm not to sure about the results, as a matter of fact, but I hope they look good enough to put in an envelope for shipping all over the sea to hopefully hit Michael who lives way down here somewhere, in the North East Liberties of Coleraine. That's up there in the northern parts of Northern Ireland, by the way. We're trying to swap a few prints, you see. Good old darkroom prints, that is. 
He's got a great blog as well, my friend Michael. Go have a good look through it from here!! Loads of good photos, great stories and all. A true film passionate!

A couple of months ago, as we were going home from the ship but had to stay over night in Bergen. Alex has become a father since then. Kjell, to the left here, is still moving around like a shadow all over the place. All over the place on board the ship, that is. I don't know what he's doing when at home. No idea which camera, but could have been a Nikon FM2 with the old 35mm lens attached, and most likely was.

Anyway. As I was standing there inside the darkroom doing darkroom stuff as you do, I suddenly got a mail from the engineer school about this course I'm going to join on the 25th of jan. They were truly sorry to say that they had not yet received my 8 written homework tasks, which I obviously had to deliver two weeks before the course is starting. Hey, where did those come from?
Well, that was not the best mail to have, I got to say.
Tried to call them (for the 10th time or something) but the right person never answered (again). They answered my next mail though, so now I got things to do for the weekend!! Loads to do, in the weekend. I will get through the course though... so no worries please!

I seem to do stuff like this all the time. The last couple of snaps on any film would look something like this. Meaningless and just random things I would not do in any other situation... I think. Anyway, I give you the opportunity to have a look at one of my smallish german rangefinder cameras. This one is from 1960 and is called M3. I like it because it's of a preferable size, and it does not go "CLUNK..." as the Japanese. It's more like "shhh..." 

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