onsdag 6. januar 2016

Two days of developing... and scanning

I don't like the scanning process, to speak the absolute truth! It takes forever, and the results suck... and it keeps me doing things at the computer, which I'm not a great fan of... I kind of do that more than enough when I'm at work. Computer stuff, you know.
Either way, I can't post any snaps on the interweb if I keep away from the darn process, which is the simple fact of things.
The good news is that we got proper snaps, from the Ba and lots of other stuff.

Empty streets of Kirkwall, about 45 min before the Ba was thrown into the masses. This is in the harbor area though... where the thing ended with a score for the doonies, as you know from my last post about the game. 

Developing films is a lot more fun. I have gone through a bunch, as it happens, which means I have been idle for too long. I have probably also been a bit too trigger happy lately... but that's just how things are at the moment. Some times it's like this, and sometimes I can't for anything in the world get myself around to get a single one. Don't know why, exactly, but there's probably a few things playing a part in that game.

The uppies arrive at the scene! I was a bit bothered about the sunlight hitting that Nikkor lens, as you see, but you can probably figure out more or less what's going on. They were a bit noisy as they arrived. As they always are! 

Anyway... it's late, and I was up 04.30 this morning to start scanning negatives. That's what I would call dedication, if it was not for the fact that I woke up anyway as my wife had to drive to the airport around those hours. I thought I would be better off getting my back end out of bed and do something useful. Which I did. 

And it's been thrown out! The Ba, that is. First time I get it on film, I think, so better give it a good look I would suggest! It's right there, a bit to the left of the middle. I was a wee bit uncomfortable close to where it all happened, to be absolute fair, but somebody had to do it :)) It all went very well though. The Ba disappeared straight down this time, as it's supposed to, and was not thrown in my direction. That would be the end of this blog, I would say.

Oh, sure... they are all scans from a few of the more or less latest films. The ones from the Ba-game. I think I told you about that a few days ago.

Luckily, I found myself on the tiny bit less crowded side of this wall. The guys on the other side kind of couldn't get anywhere. They were stuck here with the Ba for hours... until darkness came and all. It was a good day though, for the game, even though it went the wrong way, again...

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  1. Great post Roy - really gets you in the thick of it! And for sure it looks dangerous at times, for cameras and camera-users. I really like the last photo there. And I agree - scanning sucks, but we have to do it, otherwise you don't blog very much.

    1. Thank you for your comment Michael. Always good to hear from you.
      I agree about that last snap there... they should all be a bit more like this one, but I might have a few more as I start to dig into the pile I just scanned. I use low resolution, mind you, because I spend more than enough time looking at this scanner anyway :)
      Well, as you say: We have to do it to keep these blogs alive. As we do!


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