tirsdag 14. mars 2017

Work done, films developed

Sorry for being a bit absent lately, but I got this stuff I just need to get done either I like it or not. Besides, yesterday evening I finally got started on the small pile of 120 films I got around the cottage at various places. Strange, but it seems that every time I finally are done with a bunch of films a few others suddenly jumps out from their hiding places. I should have made some effort getting myself a bit more organized, probably.

#013: This strange and white belt of stuff came drifting along outside the cottage this day as I was just looking outside the kitchen window. Turned out to be fish fat coming from a trawl or net having been cleaned in the fjord a bit earlier. They had the boat full of herring. I know, because I called the harbour master to let him know about what was going on around here. He was happy that I called, but told me it was absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. That's exactly what I think as well, as it happens. And check that snow coming in! A white wall in the middle of the fjord.

I got the scanner here at the cottage these days as it's not very comfortable to live back home in the house. I might just as well go find my binder containing the latest part of the 120 film archive as well, because there's a few frames there I ned to scan again. Something's going up on somebody's wall, and then we would need a bit finer scan, I guess. This one's going to be big, I'm told, so needs to be done on a pixel printer. 

#014: Woke up to this on this morning of the 14th of January. It's a bloody lot of snow actually, because there's a decent bit of road until you get up on the very top there. At least there's a lot more than it looks like, just saying.  

I'll go over to Ona in a couple of days, and will bring at least one enlarger and some paper. I'm going to dig a hole and stay there until something great has come out of it. I even threw in an order on some fix and a bottle of selenium toner this morning. I guess it's here some time tomorrow. They did not have any Lith chemicals available right now, which means I have to wait another bit of time until I can try that sort of thing. 
Just got a message that the local camera club (the one I went around town with a few months ago) is going to the little tiny island of Ona some time a bit closer to summer. I might just get there before them and greet them with a cup of coffee or something when they arrive. That might be a surprise to a few of them, I guess.

#015: The next day, and the snow is turning into water again. At least over there at the other side of the fjord. There was still some snow left on this side, but you can't see it at all on this snap. Don't know why I pointed the F3 in this direction to be honest, but I guess I had no better idea at all at the time. Sometimes you just have to pick something, shoot and forget all about it. 

OK. Need to run again. I have these tiles drying inside the bathroom back home, and I feel I need to go check how everything's going. Then there's a lot of stuff in need of getting cleared away as well, as the place really looks like a rats nest right now. Redecorating a house brings a few unwanted things with it as well. As you probably know.

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