torsdag 23. mars 2017

Went away, got stuff done, came back home

Hi all!
I know, I've been really out of reach for some time. I went away to my little island about a week ago, and didn't return back home until yesterday evening some time. It was a great few days, as it happens. Built myself a tiny little darkroom and everything, which worked quite well believe it or not. 
At least it worked for a little while, up to the point when the tiny little lamp inside the enlarger went south. Of course it did. Just had to, that little bugger.
Anyway, I made a few prints (which is still out there because I simply forgot to put them among my stuff to bring home), and a few of them looked nice enough for a test anyway. 

#016/365 16th January, 2017
A bit more snow when looking this way, straight across the "Storfjorden" over to Masdal and Masdalsklova. Blue skies and sunshine this morning, obviously.

At least I brought a bunch of exposed 120 film with me, so I managed to get them developed. I thought about leaving most of my cameras at home for this trip and only bring the "daily snap" one for my on going 365 project, but still I failed to do so and brought a few bulky Mamiyas and stuff like that. So I went out to take a few snaps as well, as the weather was a bit on the wild side for a few moments there. I never seem to be able to capture stuff like that on film anyway, so I'm not sure why I bother. At least I managed to waste some film, if nothing else. 

#017/365 17th January, 2017
Rain coming down again, and the mother in law found it best to get rid of the snow on the veranda getting heavier by the minute.

And now I'm home. Scanning 120 film and doing stuff like that. Been inside the bathroom again to do a few things, but nothing much. I'm going to work again soon, and thought it's a bit important to have a few new scans ready for the blog and things before I leave. 
I'll give you more tomorrow, but here's three more from the 365 thing. Ordinary stuff, as you see... 

#018/365 18th February, 2017
Snow almost gone again, and a couple of guys from the local power company found it to be a nice day for climbing the pole just up the road from the cottage. I think they were soaking wet a long time before they were done with the job.

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  1. For a moment there I thought that was the mother-in-law up the pole in that last shot there, Roy!

    Great to have you back in BlogLand mate and great news about the darkroom - somewhere permanent to shine a light through all those great negs you have. Well, not great news about the lamp, of course - these things don't like being moved, it seems. But I'm sure you'll get that sorted easily enough.

  2. Hah, hah!! Don't think the mother-in-law would have liked to stay up there for long :))

    Thank you lots, Michael. Actually I worried a bit about the bulb before I left home and had it checked just to make sure everything was OK. It was, and then I thought I'll just have to go for it. I was actually having a plan to take the bulb out of the other Leitz just to make sure I had a spare one, but you have to forget something don't you?
    Anyway, I'll get something useful on order before I go out there next time.


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