onsdag 1. mars 2017

Another day gone, getting there

Oh, happy day!
Nothing much to say today, except the beautiful message that the crew change just got moved to Friday instead of Saturday. Which is great news, because then I'm home Friday night instead of Sunday evening, or extremely late Saturday night if I was to drive from Bergen in the afternoon.

We had some weather coming in the fjord a while ago. I had a couple of Mamiya RZ cameras I was checking for any trouble, as they had been living peacefully inside a bag for some time. I'm not sure which film this one was snapped on, but it could have been either HP5, Tri-X or also a roll of repacked unknown stuff called something and 400. I'll find out if the world seems to want to know. I'm sure it was the 250mm lens in use, and I'm also quite sure I had some trouble during developing...

Well, I don't have to think too much about all that now, as it seems to have sorted itself out in the best possible way after all.
I need to drive a bit south to pick up the enlarger I just got, but that's alright. I'll manage that, I guess.

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  1. Svar
    1. Thank you lots for your kind words, Jim :)

  2. I agree with Mr Grey - great, atmospheric shot Roy.


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