tirsdag 7. mars 2017

I was knocked out, not loaded...

I'm finally home, and have been so for a few days now.
Not been able to do much though, as I tried just that Saturday morning and sort of failed. Big time!
See we had this huge pile of wooden logs having been cut down from the ground where they grew and into suitable lengths (around 2 meters long) for transportation and further cutting into smaller pieces suitable for the ovens placed inside the average norwegian home.
So, up they went from the field and onto the tractor trailer to be pulled up in front of that big white house up there in the middle of the hill. From there they were moved a few yards over to the place we got the big saw placed.
I found it easier to load them up on a wheelbarrow for the final move, because in this way I could move a lot of them using less time. Effective, you may think?!
Well, having been doing this for some time and getting quite close to the end of the pile, disaster kind of struck.
To make an end to the story, and the work day for me, one particularly long piece of wood got stuck into the ground in front of the wheelbarrow as I was pushing it quite hard forward to get up the little bump in the ground. What happened next was pure physics (forces acting in all possible kinds of directions) and the next thing I know I was hit hard (very hard, actually) from below, with a perfect uppercut straight into my nose. I remember the sound when the thing hit me, and I quite clearly remember a rather huge amount of blood. And I remember pain, and a sneaking fear that all my front teeth were swimming freely inside my mouth. Luckily they were not.
The nose and the upper part of my lip does not look good, though. Not at all, as it happens...
A few hours later the pain kind of increased and I had to go see a doctor, because I thought something might be broken. At least the nose thing probably had to get stitched together, but some tape obviously had to do the trick as there were pieces missing and stitching would only make it all very much out of enlignment according to the guy who should know something about stuff like that.
I must say it was a bit embarrassing sitting waiting for the doctor with that kind of nose very early on a Saturday evening, as you could clearly see what everyone in the waiting room was thinking...

I have not been able to develop any film yet, since you ask.
I might get some of them done later this evening, but we shall see. As you might remember there's a bit of hassle made to my workflow as we're living in the cottage these days because of the on-going work inside the bathroom back home. No water in the taps there, and that sort of story. Makes it impossible to develop any film, as you should know.
I plan to wait until late night and give it a go here at the cottage. It should work fine I think.

A study in rays of light hitting clouds and foggy stuff just outside the cottage a few months back. The light of winter, you know. Mamiya RZ67, 250mm lens (probably) and some unknown (yet) film.

The snap was made during the same very short session as the one from the last post. On medium format film using the Mamiya RZ67 big and boxy thing. I'm not sure about what kind of film yet, but I'll find out when I get to my archived neg folders some time during this day or the next. 
It looks nothing like that outside the cottage today, mind you. Completely blue sky and sunny now, and been like that since I arrived from work a few days ago.

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  1. Another great shot, Roy - simply wonderful.

    And what?? We are fragile things compared to big lumps of wood...it sounds bad, my friend! I hope you recover quickly and enjoy the rest of your break. Maybe you need to relax, sit down and crack open a beer or two instead of working!!

    1. Thank you, Michael.
      Seems to grow together quite well the nose thing, so no reason to have any big concern about it. I have tried the relax with a beer method, and it worked for a little while at least :)
      I'm on my way uphill again in a few moments to keep on from the point I had to stop last time, and hope it's going better this time. Got to cultivate the growth coming up from the ground around here to make sure they don't take over the whole area...


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