torsdag 9. mars 2017

The Painting Game

If there's one kind of things you have to do from time to time that I don't like, it's painting the walls inside any room. I'm usually very reluctant to use the word "hate", but I'm actually almost there. So it's bad, as you understand. 
Anyway, my wife had the bathroom painted when I was off at work so that was absolutely brilliant. Everything would be good to go by the time I got back, and I could start doing the tiles and stuff like that. 
It was the wrong color, of course. And I mean totally wrong! It was wrong to such a degree that even I noticed and let words fall out about it.

I was reading Patti Smith's great book, "M Train"

Today I have been repainting the bathroom, in case anyone wondered about where I was and what I was doing. First round done, one to go. Hope to have everything finished off before bedtime this evening. Shouldn't be any problem, I suppose. One have to just keep up the spirit, you know. Jump at any task with an open mind mixed with some jolly good joy.

It was probably the day we threw Christmas out the doors and went back to normal. Ice on the pond by the house this day, obviously.

If all goes well I should be ready to throw a few films into some chemicals later this evening. Got three rolls of 135 and a bunch... like 10-12 rolls of medium format film. I sort of ran out of D-76 the other night, but I'll mix out some nice old HC-110 or Rodinal or something. 
I could go for Caffenol as well, but I'll save that for another day as it's a bit more hassle to that than just mix stuff with water and go ahead. 
Oh, and all todays snaps are from the 365@50 project. They are all numbered and everything, just so you can keep track of them :)

The carrier of The Fur Full of Fleas, The Bearer of Hair to Hit my Drying Film, or simply The Cat or whatever. I snapped this handheld at 1/8s at f/2 and nope it's not sharp at all. I seem to have missed considerably with the focus as things don't look too bad down there in the left corner? It must have been rather dark as we are talking 1600ASA film here, so that's probably the reason of the focus failure :))

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