fredag 31. mars 2017

Preparing for work down south

I'm all of a sudden located over in Peterhead, Scotland again. OK, I know a bunch of better places to be when in Scotland, but as I'm at work I got no influence whatsoever about where I am and what we're supposed to do.
Anyway, they are talking about sailing away tomorrow down to the Dutch sector of the North Sea to do some work there for a couple of weeks before we're off to Scotland again, supposedly. At least that's the plan as far as I know. Then we'll sit around waiting for a while again until the next job comes up a few weeks after that. They might find different work for us in the meantime, but we don't know anything about that right now. 

Lines and things like that, again. It's from the old wool factory. You probably know the place by now. I still like it, and there's probably more to come. Mamiya RZ67 and most likely the 50mm wide angle lens attached to the thing. Ilford HP5+ film scan.

We seem to have found our next place to live, me and the wife. We actually did put our names on a paper and everything, so let's just cross fingers that this will be good. 
Can't tell you much right now as it's not 100% sure they will put up the building yet, but having spoken to people who really should know something about it, it seems they will start the building just over easter. Planned date for moving in should be sometime in July/August 2018. Which leaves us with more waiting. As usual. 

Another one from the same area. Same film, same camera but could be a different lens. It's from the power station department of the place, as they used to have one of those here. Times have changed...

Nothing more to say today, I'm afraid. I spent a few hours travelling yesterday so I'm still a bit tired because of that. I'll get better, some day soon.
I might bring a camera with me and go for a walk later, just to try shake life into the rangefinders again. It's been a while since I used the newer one of the two now, so I guess it's about time to find out everything is as it should be. Even brought the 21mm Elmarit lens this time, so might get a couple of interesting views on things for all we know. Looks like they're loaded with Ilford PAN400 and Kentmere 100 the two cameras, but as usual you can never really tell until the film has been rewound and peeled out of the inner hidings of the cameras. I try to mark things up to make it easier to see what's inside the camera, but have been known to fail doing so a couple of times. Let's just hope everything is cool with the indications this time. 

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  1. I like the last one in particular, Roy - the eye was good that day ;)

    1. Thank you, Michael.
      Quite good, if I may say so myself. I snapped a few films both daytime and night this day, of the smithy and everything. Came out rather well, they did, most of them. Not all, of course, as I had to see some film wasted on this day as well. The percentage was not too bad, though.


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