søndag 26. mars 2017

In the smithy

You might remember I went over there to the old Devold factory one day a few months back. At least I remember I did just that, and went over to the smithy as there was some action going on. Hammering on hot steel and all sorts of stuff they usually will do at a place like that. 
I snapped a few, and went to do other stuff. Didn't think the results would be any good to be honest, as my competence in guessing exposure indoors in a rather dark room with stuff going on is nothing to count on, to be fair. 

Bashing some steel between a hammer and the anvil. 
Mamiya RZ67 and 50mm wide angle lens on Ilford HP5 film developed in Rodinal.  

Anyway, the results ended up not being too bad after all. I'm rather pleased with them, as it happens. The Blacksmith himself was pleased as well by the sound of things. Bought a few of my scans to use in marketing and stuff like that, and also seems to be rather eager to get a few darkroom prints into his ownership. Need to get something produced next time I'm home, obviously.
There's more going on in the area, so I will bring the Mamiya another time as well to see if anything else will stick on film in some kind of pleasing way. You never know...

Full concentration on the task. Don't think he even noticed being snapped up by the bulky, old Mamiya. Same film as above.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Love these. Very nice to see the old worksops

    1. Thank you, Andrea. A few more might be posted soon, but these might be the best of the few I got. In my opinion, anyway. Nice light to them, if nothing else.

  2. Nice gritty look to these Roy - suits the subject.

    1. Thank you, my friend.
      I might go in and try again some other time when I get the chance. And then there's the glass studio just around the corner where they blow things out of proportions, you know. I might find my way in there as well... We will see.


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