onsdag 8. mars 2017

It's launched, the 365@50 project

Just to let you know, the first film from the 2017 365@50 project has just been posted over at 365project, as I thought I might need a place to put it all away. I will post them all in here as well, so you don't have to jump over there if you're kind of reluctant to the whole idea of jumping back and forth. The only advantage will be that you can see everything from #001 and all the way up to #365 by the end of the year without having to jump between posts, should you so wish. 
I'll post them in chronological order, just to make it a bit simpler to myself. And remember: All snaps are to be posted, no matter what they look like. 

#001 1st of January. New Years Day, Gray, Grainy and Wet.

I developed five films yesterday, but still got a bunch to get done. I might get some spare time one of these days, so no need of entering any level of frustration!

#002 2nd of January. I had this Landy on trial for a few hours. I ended up buying it a few days later.

And oh, the nose seems to be growing together into one piece thank you very much. Still sore, but it's getting there slowly. 
I had a real nice time outdoors for an hour or so a bit earlier, but it's cold as heck. Well below the freezing point and all, which makes it real frosty when the wind plays along as it has done the last few days. Some time in the afternoon everything changed though, and the blue sky turned gray and the temperature raised quite a bit. The only thing we can do now is start waiting for the rain. It will come, as we know that much having lived in this place for centuries. 

#003 3rd of January. Another gray day, but with a hint of sunshine in between.

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  1. Good to know we'll get them on here, Roy. First 3 look great. As does the Landy, big chunky tyres and a go-anywhere snorkel. It looks the part. Plenty of room in that thing for Mamiyas and such :)

    1. Thank you, Michael. Don't know if the Landy is the reason, but fact is I have torn a few rolls through them Mamiyas lately, and there will be more to come. Great cameras they are... as we know.


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