mandag 13. mars 2017

Monday Morning Blues

Up rather early this morning just to get the old bones heated up to get some work done during the day. I'm off out and about quite soon, but thought I might just post three more of the 365@50 series of snaps before heading out of the cottage and over to the house to do stuff. 

The weekend was good, thank you. Didn't do much, but had a few more films developed and dried. None of the medium format ones yet, but they're due as soon as I find the time and energy to get to them. 
So now I'm on the third film of the project, and got two of them developed already. It's not bad at all if you start thinking about it. 

Looks like we're off to Ona for the next weekend. I think I'll just load an enlarger inside the Landy to hopefully get things done on paper, finally. After all, it's the right place in the world to be to do stuff like that, as there's nothing going on to disturb the thoughts out there. Some focus can really come in handy, after all. 
Oh, and about todays snaps there's nothing much to be said other than the obvious I'm afraid. 
They are the kind of everyday snaps you would expect coming out of a project like this. I mean it's kind of a part of the point for doing it at all, to be left with some kind of documentation of the year seen through my eyes. All three of them were taken in spots and fragments of time which in some kind of way was more or less describing of the day they were snapped.

#010 Testing another car. This time it's a Renault Clio which turned out to be something we had been looking for. 

#011 Oh yes. I was getting stuff thrown out of the old bathroom to get room for new tiles and things in there. They will be thrown further away to somewhere else another day when time allows. 

#012 Another morning watching the weather coming in the fjord from south west. The good thing about having weather coming in from that direction is that we know exactly what to expect. It's going to be wet, and sometimes also a bit windy. Always wet though.

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