tirsdag 27. september 2016

Here we go!

So, it's yet another RC sail plane post. And yet another one from the film from back in time, as it happens. 
This time we are looking at my father, just to get a brief impression of how he looked this day up on that nice little low hill back in the late 70's some time.
It's the moment of truth, it seems. Seconds away from letting that plane off and into the air. I can calm you all down and tell you it all went very well. I don't think anyone could have managed to break that plane anyway. Not that it was unbreakable, but more the fact that this thing sailed smooth as a bird. No big surprises with this thing, as opposed to that other one I told you all about the other day. 
I don't even think that one lived long enough for anyone to take a decent photo of it. 

This thing lived more or less forever... as it happens. 
Take care, and fly carefully!

Another one I snapped with that old Minolta Hi-matic G back in the days.

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  1. What a great shot of the old man, Roy - in his prime, near enough. Probably thinking This might help keep young Roy away from mischief, while at the same time thinking Hey this is pretty good fun actually :)

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment, Michael :)
      He probably thinked that way... for a while, anyway. Then the fun part of it would have all his attention for some time. Up until that other plane crashed, as you know. That would be a year or so after this snap was taken, I would think.


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