mandag 5. september 2016

Vintage basketball match

It's a few years back now since this happened, quite close to 40 as it happens, and the result of the game is since long forgotten. By the look of things it seems to be a match between the girls of my own class at school and the other 5th or 6th grade bunch we were in some kind of constant fight against during these years. Football, handball, volleyball, and in this particular case - basketball. 

Action, as you clearly can see. I managed to freeze the ball in mid flight, as you see. Everything else seems to be quite blurry, though. As it would be when taking the old Minolta indoors to snap any action. 

I obviously found it to be a nice day to bring the old Minolta Hi-matic G to school, and I got a few snaps out of it. We are probably set back to 1978 or 79 here, and it was just a few days before christmas. I can tell because a few of the other snaps on the film quite clearly suggest so, but maybe you'll catch a glimpse of that a bit later... you never know.

And my team obviously scored at least one goal measured by the hands in the air celebration thing. Different clothes were used as well, as we see. 70's, you know. 

I was up north, to where my parents live these days, this weekend. Found a couple of negative books and started a small search for stuff I thought had to be there somewhere. 
Didn't find the ones I was really looking for though, but some I can't remember to ever have laid my eyes upon I did stumble over. How cool is that, you think?
I will need to take another sweep at some point, because I'm quite sure there's more there, somewhere. 

The boys in the other class, the enemies, here cheering for a recently scored goal obviously. I just hope they did not win, even though they probably deserved a win. I know for sure they never won any of the very many football matches we played. 

These days I just wonder why I didn't do this more often. Bring the camera to school, that is. Because it's great stuff to have a good look at these days. And lots of good old stories comes to mind. 
More of that in the future, some time.

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  1. Good snaps and good memories there Roy. The old Minolta Hi-Matic G, eh? I came across one the other day in a box in a charity shop. I hmm'd and haa'd over it and went for a cup of tea, wondering whether I could justify the £5 on yet another compact camera. I called in after my tea and my dilemma had been solved for me - the camera was gone. Hopefully to a good home where it gets some use. So there must be one or two filmwasters around The Liberties, which is good to know.

    1. Ah, lets really hope it was some young dude or girl who picked the thing up then, and that the camera will be put into some good use for sure.
      The person who bought it will certainly have a nice camera for the fiver spent, and there's nothing much inside the thing that could fail. The light meter, perhaps, and the nice little leaf shutter of course. But I doubt it.
      There's a good old Rokkor 38mm f/2.8 lens sitting glued to the thing, and focus is usually easy to get good, at least as long as the light conditions are on the good side.
      Would be nice to know who bought the thing, anyway :)

  2. And...I meant to say, I'm impressed by your photographs from all those decades ago. I'm sure you knew one day they would be gracing your blog - right? I don't remember ever taking a camera to school - concerts in Portrush,, no. I wonder why I didn't. And as you say, you wonder why you didn't do that more often and take snaps just of everyday events, like above. 'Cos we know now, don't we - they are the real masterpieces.

    1. You just couldn't be more right, Michael. They truly are the real masterpieces for sure, as they show glimpses from days spent which will never resurface again at any point. We did not know that back then, or didn't think of it in that way, and that's why we didn't do it more often, or most likely not at all, I think. Why would anyone bring a camera to school, anyway? I really don't know why I did, but I'm very happy for the few times I seem to have got that bright idea. There's a couple of films I really would like to find from back in the same days, but they must be inside a different negative book somewhere. At least that's what I hope they are.


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