lørdag 1. oktober 2016

Level waters again, finally.

I know, I know... no posts in a few days from this part of the world. I hope you all excuse me, as the weather has been a bit on the rough side the last three or four days. At sea that would mean nothing is quite like it would be if you stepped on dry land all the time. We have had some trouble putting one foot ahead of the other one, as you might understand. 
Yesterday was not too bad, but then the internet went away... again. You can't have everything, can you?

Brilliant weather today, though. Sun is shining and everything. 
I was just outside to get a feel for it, the temperature and such, but I can't exactly tell you I was struck by some kind of heat wave. Cold as heck, actually. So that's it, I suppose, for this year. Heat gone, winter will be here soon enough. 

Todays snap...? Well, something I have posted some time before, I guess? 
It's from the summer in Oslo a few years back. Snapped just before that old Nikon FE2 went down, hard, for the n-th time. 

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  1. Good to know you are still with us, Roy - albeit intermittently. And I can quite believe you don't need the Factor 30 out there in the middle of wherever-you-are. Winter, as you rightly say, is approaching.

    I remember the snap from before, but am looking at it again with fresh eyes. An interesting combination of busking tools there - a double bass and an accordion. Both instruments I like. The ones I don't like are the buskers who park up on a street corner and then plug in their guitar to their amp and before you know it there's a few decibels pounding out. That is not what busking should be about - to my eyes and ears anyway and to them I give appropriately ;)

    And I see you probably got permanent sales on there too, wherever that is...-30%, eh?! Think I'll wait a while - I like -50% at least.

    1. Good morning, Michael. Nice weather today, you'll be pleased to know.

      These buskers were all but amps and cables. There even was this girl handling a fiddle quite well. My wife felt kind of sorry for her, as she had to carry all the charm of the little band. I think she might thought these two had none of such, but little do I know...

      And yes... 30% sale, that's right. Maybe you actually did not notice, but it's a girls shop. Or clothes, at least. A 30% sale will be plenty enough to hook a few fashion minded folks inside their doors, probably. Not that they would buy anything, but there might be a few of them trawling the shop for a few hours with a hope to find THE thing... or whatever they look for in there.


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