mandag 19. september 2016

A few from the 70's

As you probably know by now I used to bring my camera, the old Minolta Hi-matic G, to school and to school trips during the few years from around 1976 to 1983 or thereabout. 
Here's a few from a trip we did to an island called Runde, some time around 1977 or 78. We stayed there for a full week, as it happens. It was great. Learned things, and all that.
I like Runde. It's an island Way out West, just around where I'm quite known to find some peace when I need it. I think I might had the same feeling back then. Some things never seem to change that much. 

I got no particular idea where this might be, but my guess is some place called Torvik. In that case it's the place where the boat came to pick us up. It may just as well be the place we had to go with a very small ferry. I see the old school ferry quay sitting in the middle of the picture more or less. It's just the way they used to be around these parts of the world at that time. Things have changed now, just saying. And there's an old Shell oil tank as well. It's a cool snap, actually, when you start look into it.

This is from the trip back home. Nowadays you can easily drive from my home town down and out to Runde in just a few hours. Tunnels and bridges and not too many ferries these days. Back in time when these snaps were taken you had to go by boat. Or, you didn't have to go by this particular boat, but there were a few ferries and stuff you had to take to get there. The service was quite poor, and there used to be a lot of time spent on quays like this one back then.
My father loaded a few films into me bag for this trip. Positive color stuff. Slides and such, you know. I think I might find them inside some kind of box some day. We will see. I might even know where to look...

Ah, and here she comes, the one we were all waiting for. The Hurtigruten, old "M/V Nordnorge". Black and white on the outside, full of nice polished wood and brass on the inside. They don't build them like this anymore, that's for sure. Lovely lines on these old ships, I must say. See, my class mate Ann Kristin used to have a real posh vintage 70's flight bag as well, back in the days. That's cool! At least I know for sure that this is Torvik, because that's where the Hurtigruten used to go to pick up a few passengers, and one or two cows, three hens, a basket of eggs and a cat or two to be shipped to relatives further up north. Or to the butcher or wherever such things ended up back in the days.

The Hurtigruten is still in traffic nowadays as well. They got a new fleet these days, mind you, and should be perfectly well suited for a nice cruise up north the norwegian coast should you have such a wish. They might still have one or two of the old ones in traffic, but I'm not quite sure. It will take you from Bergen and all the way up to Kirkenes, and back to Bergen if you like. I think that's something like 11 days on the boat, if my memory's still with me. It will not be cheap, believe me!

A close-up then, of the old one. The new "Nordnorge" looks quite different. The usual floating "brick" we're getting used to see nowadays. 

I might run into the darkroom when I get home and try to print these. I like to print old negatives. I probably took these snaps for a reason, so it might be worth to put them up somewhere, some day. 

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  1. Definitely these should be printed and up on a wall...just to remind you of the old days if nothing else. Great snaps Roy and stories too. I can see your same photographic style even back then.

    1. Thanks a lot, Michael. I think I might do just that. And I got more from back in the days as well, so might have a session to see if I can get anything out of the old HP5, FP4 and Tri-X negs.
      So, same style then...! I thought I might had evolved a little bit through the last 35 years or so, but obviously not then :)
      Anyway, it's like your signature... isn't it? You never seem to be able to change that thing either as soon as it has found it's final form. Details, maybe, but not the whole thing.
      Which is good, probably!


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