lørdag 10. september 2016

Back at work, or in my second home

So, here I am again. Out in the Big Blue to earn a few shillings, as most of us seem to be in a certain need of these days. Went to Lerwick in Shetland yesterday, and came on board around lunch time. Nothing special happened on the trip, besides of waking up way too early of course. I am not built to wake up way too early, obviously. I had a very good sleep this last night, though. Didn't even notice we were leaving the harbour around 4 o'clock this morning. 

Right now we are staying just off shore of Shetland, as we seem to have some testing to be done on one or both of the ROV's on board. I got nothing to do with that as my only job is to see to that there is light and power available to anyone in need of such. Easy, as the engines seem to work fine at the moment (knocking lightly onto some wooden shelf stuff mounted inside my cabin...).

A few weeks back, the last time I was on board this thing, we went southwards. More or less into the old english channel, we were. 
We found this abandoned rig, remember? Well, I snapped it both from this side and that both with a decent camera and with my phone. 
I just show you what it looked like with the aid of some kind rangefinder and a roll of Kentmere 400 ASA film. I kind of liked this film, but I think I like the 100 ASA version a bit better, to be honest. Not that I'm automatically dislikes any 400 ASA film, but there was something a bit weird about this one compared to a lot of other stuff out there. I must say HP5 seems to be something I like a bit more, to be honest. And Kodak Tri-X as well. Good films.
Anyway... here's the snap. Enjoy, and have a great weekend. I will be back with more nonsens in a day or two, if everything goes around well on board this forever rusting thing. 

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  1. That's a cool photograph, Roy - great to see some different things to the norm on here. I have to admit never having used Kentmere film, but it looks pretty good. Nor have I ever used Tri-X - perhaps that is a crime or something. I just stick to Ilford, for now - takes me back to 35+ years ago when I was a lad shooting FP4.

    1. Nah... not a crime, and nothing to think too much about in my opinion. Tri-X is a nice film, and quite well tested up through the years it certainly is. HP5 is after all a lot better choice for the bunch of us living on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, me thinks. HP5 and FP4... great stuff in my opinion. The Kentmere test was something I decided to go for a few months ago, as I was throwing in an order to AG over in old England. Next test will be to push the Kentmere 400 to see what I can get out of it in that respect. Just loaded the FM2 with some HP5 and set the ASA dial to 3200... just to do something a bit different this time. Different to me, anyway.


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