lørdag 24. september 2016

Lots of fur on this one!

It's the cat I'm talking about. 
The old lady of the house, so to speak. Not talking about the woman holding the coffee cup, as she's not living inside the same building even though the cat has asked her to do so many times. Good friends they are, the two of them. One would be the angel bringing fish, the other one eats it more than willingly.
So yes, I'm talking about the grey fury one to the left. The fish eater who's seems to be asleep to a point where she's absolutely consiousless and oblivious to anything happening, just to jump up on four feet being very ready in a fraction of a sec. if anyone on two legs should make their move in the direction of the kitchen. 

Sorry for the very bad scan, the bit of underexposure and what have we all. Good friends they are!

She never used to do that earlier in life, but these days it's actually coming to a point where it's incredibly annoying. Have to get the cat out of the house before even thinking about pre-planning a meal. 
My wife seems to have found a very plausible explanation to why it suddenly has become an issue these days, as she some time ago found one of the girls inside the kitchen cutting cheese. The furry thing standing on two feet stretching to get her fair share of the food, as you would if you were a cat... obviously. And she likes cheese, this creature. 

The fur also seem to stick very well onto my drying film at times. But that's another story, of course.

She's a nice enough old cat, though.

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  1. I had a cat once who like ham. Of all things. Oh, and marshmallows. Weird.

    1. Oh, Jim... that sounds a bit weird, sure enough. One of them without fur, I guess? Don't know the common name of them though, but I might have seen one or two on photographs somewhere. I have never thought of marshmallows when looking at the pictures, but when you mention it...


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