tirsdag 20. september 2016

I like the sea, always. I like details, sometimes

Sometimes we like to fish. And we also like to eat fish. We usually try to catch our own, but will normaly do it from a boat. No big reason for that when we're out there, visiting the island at the doorsteps of The North Sea. Very nice fish to catch just a two minutes walk away from the house. 
We catch what we need, and a couple of small ones for the grey cat, then we stroll back home. I like the idea of catching food that has been living wild in the ocean until the moment you catch it. It might not mean a lot in the big picture, but I still like it.

One of our better fishing spots. Rolleiflex 2.8E and some film. Probably Fomapan 100.

On our way back home we usually pass this point. I have seen this detail a lot. I don't think there's anyone else bothering to waste a film frame on the thing. After passing it enough times I just had to... Mamiya RZ67 on this one. 

These are things I see when at home. 
When I'm at work I see stuff like the thing below. And a lot of sea.
Today I spotted a huge, nice whale as well. I always like to watch the wales when I spot them. I'm not that much on deck or upstairs, so I probably miss a lot of them, of course. But today we had one very close to the ships side. Could hear it's breath and everything. Big lungs on those creatures, just saying. Great divers they are as well. It played a bit around and then went down, never to be seen again. At least not by me. 

Andrew, Block 16/28, UK sector, North Sea. Some 135 size film camera. 

These things are noisy bits out here, but the whales does not seem to mind them too much. They swim quite close to them, but then again there's food to be found around them, I would think. At least there seems to be a lot of whale food around these places. We dive, you know, with unmanned things with lots of cameras attached to them. We see things, down there. Some things installed by man, others have never been touched by anything at all, and will never be. 

Quite a big space, the oceans...

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  1. I haven't fished since I was a teen in the early 1980s. My grandparents lived on a lake and I'd go out to catch my breakfast. My grandmother, the saint, would clean what I caught and then fry it up and serve it with applesauce and fried potatoes. This is one of my favorite childhood memories.

    1. Sounds like a very nice memory to have, Jim. I used to fish in lakes and rivers when I was a kid and teenager as well. Nowadays I normally fish in salty water.
      Your grandma's recipie sounds delicious, by the way :))

  2. I'm looking at the snap of 'Andrew' and I'm wondering about the design process that led to that structure we see. It looks like they started with one pipe and then added another and then someone said, 'We need another one here' and everyone said yes and so on and so on for several months or even years until there was no more room for any more pipes. It's an amazing structure and I'm sure totally functional.

    I wonder what the whales make of it...'Come and see what those tiny land-based creatures have made now'.

    1. I must say I have been thinking the same thoughts a couple of times when I'm getting close enough to these constructions out here. It seems to be a chaos of pipes, but still put into some kind of strange order. If that makes any sense at all. Some rigs even seem to being built of pipes only. Can't see a single girder anywhere, just more or less pipes.
      You can read a bit more about the Andrew field specifically over here at old Wikipedia, if you find yourself having a little bit of spare time to waste on something not very commonly known... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_oilfield
      The whales seems to be pretty much oblivious to most things happening out here, but they will still be talking about it I would think.

  3. So that's what a Christmas Tree is!

    1. So, you stumbled upon one of them impressive bits, I suppose?
      A christmas tree to an offshore worker would usually make his eyes wet. A stack of valves, more or less, but very cleverly built :)


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