fredag 2. september 2016

One of my never ending projects

Don't ask me why I'm doing this thing, because I will have some trouble explaining it. The last time I tried was last weekend when we were doing this kind of road trip up to that island with my mother in law and the sister in law well accommodated into the back seat of our car. My wife has got somewhat used to my ways over the years, but the two back there had obviously never seen anything like it, ever. 
What I'm thinking about is driving the car over some kind of, to anyone else, boring road with nothing happening at all. Then suddenly the car comes to a stop and the driver walks out with a camera in hand, snapping away into somewhere or nowhere. 
Questions will be asked, believe me! Why...? Why on earth did we stop here, what did you do now, there was nothing here to see and nothing to snap... and you know, the whole series of unbelievable questions. To me they are unbelievable anyway. 
So, they obviously did not see those perfectly lined up lovely powerful looking pylons all just standing there with their nice cables creating those beautiful and evenly separated softer lines sharply outlined towards the nice bright sky just waiting for me to come by and make a nice masterpiece out of them?... ??.. ?. ????
And then there's the feeling you get when there's no answer in return to your obviously very far off attempt to explain what you had in mind and sight when you decided that this was just another great view... of pylons. 

Just two examples, in case you don't at all see what I'm talking about. These are not directly related to the text above, as they were snapped at another time and place than discussed previously, but they should give some kind of hint of what I'm into. Simplicity and geometry, maybe? I don't really know yet, but I'm going to figure it out some day. I hope. Not sure which camera they came from, but I think it was a Nikon FM2 loaded with Kentmere 100 ASA film.

Well... I will still continue to stop from time to time, either it's because of my forever on-going project containing pylons and power cables, or maybe something completely else. My wife knows what I'm talking about, luckily, and has most likely picked up something important as she has started to keep a quite good lookout for things I can not see while driving. Just the kind of teamwork I really like.

She spotted this lovely thing during the above mentioned road trip after all, my wife. And even though I had seen it myself a million times a short lifetime ago, I have never stopped to kind of do a proper snap of it. About time, actually, by the looks of things. A few more winter gales and the thing could perfectly well be found scattered all around the island. Lovely textures and something to work further with inside the darkroom, maybe. We will see. I'm happy to say I finally stopped, anyway.

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