lørdag 17. september 2016

Then we went south

It's already well into another weekend on board, the second one out of four if everything goes well and according to all plans. We just moved from an area a bit north to way further south. 13 hours steaming straight south to get there, but I got no idea where we are at the moment. I just hope the guys responsible for navigation have a clue about that.
I might go upstairs and have a look outside a bit later to find out.

One day early this summer out there on Ona. You see the old beach down there and all, and the small chapel on the graveyard. It was a very quiet day, just the way I like them.

Oh, and as this is the digital age it means you can leave what you have written, hide it away for some time just to come back and find it saved for you somewhere out there in cyberspace. We happen to be in the middle of the Brae field, somewhere Central North Sea, as some navigator dude try to explain to me a few minutes ago. It was rather easy to find as well, he told me. Had to be, I would say, because even he managed to actually look it up all by himself.
You might even wonder what it looks like out here by now? Just relax and give me a few weeks to sort that out. You see I was just outside with both the nice little Olympus Mju-II P&S thing, and the Nikon, and also I brought my phone. The sorts that will give you pixels thrown onto a screen in more or less the right order. You know everything worth to know about just that, I guess.

Ona again. This time i snapped the somewhat smaller lighthouse standing just beside the bigger lump of steel up there on the hill. There never seems to be any snaps taken of this little thing.

I have been thinking about it for some time now, to maybe do something digital every now and then. If I want to move a bit along this route it has to be done in a certain way if I'm going to bother at all, so I have made myself a scetch with a few rules in that respect.
You see, I asked myself what the worst thing about them pixelcatchers is, and there are multiple issues to be found when you start thinking about it. I have been writing a lot about just that inside this place allready, but a few small things is probably worth saying again.
First of all it's all the time I feel I'm wasting when using digital. Not by actually snapping the snaps, but all the computerwork really scared me away from them last time I was known for using that format a bit more than I do nowadays.
Then you have the files themselves which is sharp and impersonal and cold and not very pleasing to look at in any way, at least not from the cameras I have used to own. And the colors I got out of them files also did help a lot to scare me away.
The bigger the sensors seem to grow, the more clinical sharp and ice cold the files seem to get these days. So I have been looking into the direction of the tiny phone, and I also got a smallish fujifilm digital shooter back home. I might put that one into some use when I feel like it, or have other reasons to snap some electronic images. Which we all do from time to time anyway.
On the positive side it's not exactly a secret that digital is both easy, and convenient, and that you still get snaps out of the things just as you get snaps out of any film camera. They are different in very many ways for sure, and the final way to use the two formats will be very different, but as for now I think I might try to run a test program just to see if I can get any answers out of it at all.
There will not be much printing done from my digital files, to put it very simply.

A fantastic very late evening on the beach at Alnes, Godøya. Oh yes, I was a bit shaky at the moment of truth, but then again I used quite a longish shuttertime on that old Rolleiflex, so keep that in mind.

So: all editing will be done on the iPhone only, and if it takes me more than half a minute to edit a file it will not be done. Period. I will NOT in any way once again in my life be found to have snapped the same thing a million times over, which means I will give myself one try and that's it. In other words I will try to behave like I do when snapping stuff onto film.
I will still concider myself a film snapper, analog geek, filmwaster or whatever you call them, but with the only difference I might start doing a bit more digital from now. I mean, I have almost not snapped a single digital photo since God knows when, with the only exeption of a very few on my phone for instagram use and that sort.
So that's the reason why I thought I might do a bit more of it this winter, and see where it takes me. But The Rules have to apply, and I will not move away from them. Small sensors, no new cameras, all editing on the phone, and only for posting in places these things can be posted which would be all around the interweb more or less.

Nothing close to home this one, but I really like this rusty lump of steel very well fastened onto the northern pier in the harbour of Peterhead, Scotland. I might get the chance again in just a few days to snap the thing with a somewhat decent camera. Maybe the light is a bit more in my favour then, for all we know...

But rest ashured folks; this place will still be a pixel free zone as long as there's not anything I feel I have to post to make my point clear, or need to post a snap of a nice old film camera or some other obvious reason to snap a digisnap and throw it out here.
For this reason I started another blog about a year ago. I have not touched it much at all since I started the thing, and have really been thinking back and forth if I should go for it or not, but today I posted my first digital post on there just to get the feeling. It was weird, to tell you the truth. Like doing something I should not have done, or something illegal... Strange feeling, and I kid you not!

You may like to have a quick look at it, or you may not like that at all. That's up to you, of course. It might be a strange thing to do, but I feel this might be the only way I can do it if I'm going to do it at all. 
After all this has been an all analog space all the time, and I just could not touch this place and do something I probably would regret at some point a bit later.
And another thing, this will still probably be The House of My Thoughts in more or less the same way it has been from day 1. The other place might function as an addition of some kind, in a stand alone way. I don't know yet. I even don't know if I'm able to run two blogs, but we will see. It depends a lot on how simple I can make the other one, I guess.
Take care, and really hope to see you all here in the days to come as well :)

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  1. The immediacy of digital has something attractive about it for blogging I think...as opposed to film, where particularly for you Roy it can be several weeks between snapping and seeing what you actually captured. And for the rest of us, too, at times...you know how it is, when a film lingers in the camera for a month or two. Or like I did last week, take the old Franka folder out only to realise there was no film in it at all...D'oh!

    1. Digital is quite simple, and immediate for sure. It's an easy process convenient for quick blogging, facebook, instagram and what's-allofthem-names things. I'm more into the slow process of film and darkroom, but you know all about that already. Just wanted to be able to post a few quick ones without having them spread all over this blog. I think that's more or less the only reason :)
      And speaking about cameras without film... been there, done that. Not that it happens very often, but it sure has. Last time there was this F3 standing there with the counter on 12 or something. Had been sitting like that for months, and I went out and made 24 additional masterpieces onto the old film... hah, whaddaya think?! I just cant understand how I did not find out before I opened the thing, because I usually have the habit of holding a finger over the spooling piece end of the camera when using the film advance lever. Well, the times of failure is still not over, obviously :)


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