torsdag 8. september 2016

The son borrowed this camera...

Nothing new here for a few days, I know. Sorry and all that, but I had a few bits and pieces to get done before I go to sea again tomorrow morning. Very early morning, as it happens. Need to be up, but luckily not smiling, around 04 am. That's a bit early to any normal person, so lets hope the alarm bell will wake me up in time to get away and over to Shetland in due time. 

He has been out walking the woods and mountains again, it seems. He does that a lot, the son. The father used to do it a lot back in the days, but has grown a bit lazier through the years. I know I should do it more often, but then you need time to do just that. The youth seems to have a bunch of it. Time, that is.

I'm scanning a few negatives at the moment. You see I'm lucky enough to have a son, and I handed over a camera loaded with film to him a week ago or something like that. Maybe it's even two weeks ago now, I'm not sure. Anyway, last night he came over for a cup of coffee, and we had his film developed. He needs to learn how proper photos is being made, you see, as he's got no idea at all of how to get the stuff done. 
So we mixed a bath of Kodak HC-110 to get the roll washed in, and went into a very dark place to open the film canister and roll the delicate thing inside onto a plastic spool. As you do when film is going to get developed... you know. 
He actually managed to do most of the work himself, but I was there to check that everything was alright as he was not too sure he could really do it all on his own. 

He obviously went this way as well. I got no idea whereabouts, but somewhere in Norway for sure. The weather seems to have been as usual...

Then the developer was thrown over the thing, and things turned and twisted a few times before the fixer went in. Five minutes of that fun, and we were able to take a short peek just to check that everything looked alright. Properly fixed and such... you know. 
Well, it looked smashing so we poured some water over it for 20 minutes or so before hanging everything to dry over night. 
And here it is for you to check out before anyone else get the chance. My sons film debut. 
Or, that's actually not absolutely true because I got a half roll or so which he did on my old Minolta Hi-matic G back in the days of his early childhood. He don't remember he ever snapped that film, so I will give him a surprise one day. 

He saw this pine... could have been anywhere, actually. He snapped it with the Nikon. Quite nicely, I must say.

But that's 18 years ago, or something like that. This last film was finished off yesterday.
Kentmere 100 ASA snapped on a Nikon F3P with a lousy 35-70mm zoom attached. I got a few examples of just that lens, and for some reason he went away with the worst one. The focus ring seems to be living a life on it's own, but apart from that it's a quite good set of glass, actually.
Enjoy, before I send them all over to the rightful owner :))

The last one on the roll is easy enough. Just outside our front door before he went in to get the film soaked in this fluid and that. It looks a bit dull, I know, but I have not touched any of the files at all. Just scanned them and posted. As I'm about to fly away tomorrow morning I better get myself around to pack and things like that. It's past nine pm already, so I better start doing something useful...

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