onsdag 9. mars 2016

I am probably a cameraholic... or something

OK, so it could have been worse, probably. Or maybe not. It depends a bit on how you look at things. You see, having all those cameras around the house I still managed to get another one yesterday. Or two, as it happens, as the seller actually had two that he wanted to get rid of. At least it looks like I have got two new cameras. 
It was an offer I simply could not resist. Some dude that obviously had no clue about film cameras. Or, as it's still a couple of weeks until I get home to examine the things we still have to wait and see who won the race. They could be broken, but I doubt it to be honest. At least one of them, the Nikon F3 is hardly breakable at all I would say. And who would know more about that than myself, actually...?

Scotland, again. You might think I like Scotland, for some odd reason. Well, I do...! Same as yesterday, or whenever it was. Still no clue about which camera, lens, film, developer or anything. The snap is not that great either, but there's something about it... maybe?!

Anyway, another Nikon F3 it is. And a, to me, totally unknown thing from Japan, called Samoca 35. Looking at the extremely bad pictures and the ditto "limited" text from the ad, it quite clearly seems like we are talking about this odd thing here. And this was the first reason why I reacted to the ad at all, to be honest. You see, I have been asked by my step daughter to find her a "cool, cheap and real vintage camera with soul and a few mysterious ways" or something like that. So this must be the one, I thought. And then by looking further into the ad it suddenly became clear that there were two cameras... something named in the ad as a HPF3.
Well, knowing my Nikon bits a bit more to detail than this seller, I quite soon figured out that we might talk about the F3 in HP version. A further look into some even worse pictures confirmed that this was the case, and the price was on the ridiculous side as it happens. Just not that many norwegian kroner for the lot, including a probably close to worthless, for me anyway, 70-210mm Nikkor zoom lens. It seems to be the AF lens made from 1989 and for quite a while up through the years since it's the f/4 - 5.6 thing but still not the one in the newer "D" version.
And then there was the Nikon F3 itself, of course. The huuuuuge, heavy, bulky but still oh so great version it gets into when the MD-4 motor is attached, and all. You can't find this thing priced even close to normally over here in Norway anymore, so it seemed to be one of those great finds. If they work, of course.
I dealt with the dude for a very short while, got the price down a little bit more, then agreed to take them both. Then a few messages back and forth, then all quiet from his side. I don't know if he suddenly started to get other bids in, or whatever happened, but we will see in a fortnights time I guess. I am either two cameras richer, or the whole deal went somewhere else. I hope he's just offline or something... but chance is that he got bids in that made him regret the whole deal he made with me! Or the whole lot has been stolen from someone for all I know. In that case I will find out through the national camera register anyway. At least if the previous owner had it registered, as most photographers over here would. 

The not to very much crowded streets of Scrabster in between the ferries going north to Stromness out there in Orkney. It's not the busiest places around, but that suits me fine at times. This one was snapped another day than the previous ones, and I am absolutely sure it was done on a Nikon FM2. By the looks of it I could also guess that I used one of them 24mm Nikkor lenses I got. There's a bunch of different versions lingering around the house at times, but most of them are out on loan at the time. Need to track them down soonish...!

Enough about cameras for now. It happens to be a lot more fun using them and hold them, than writing about them, but I will do that some day as well. Write about them, that is. I know I have said that before, and even tried, but not good enough. I know. 
Need to try harder, at some point.

As I speak we are enroute to do a small job somewhere just east of the Aberdeen/Peterhead area. Some tiny gas leak out there they need to have a second look at. You know... things that need some attention, even though it's very small. Nothing that would harm anyone, or anything, as for yet anyway. Just a short look at them things, and then we are going in to Peterhead to do crew change. It's not me going off, mind you, but around half the crew will be changed out with new and fresh heads. The other ones among us will have to wait another two weeks yet before it's time to get our things packed and get off the ship. 

Bad scan, bad development and bad film with backing paper marks coming through and all sorts of flaws. And yes, it has also been posted before at some point. Even the road sign has been shot at with a rifle. I like it, though... 
Nothing is perfect folks, and inside this blog there's a lot of things not perfect. But you get what you pay for, right? :))

Nah... I better be off to bed, I guess. I will have 7000 litres of lub. oil sitting on the quayside waiting to get pumped down to one of the tanks tomorrow before we are due to sail again some time in the afternoon. And then I will get a new engineer on board, someone never been on board this lump of steel before. That usually bring some excitement to my job as well, and not allways in the best of ways the first couple of days. She's got a million of her own ways, this old lady, and the human brain can't take it all in during the first 12 hrs. so I guess I will need to stay awake for a few extra hours tomorrow. But we'll see. I will take that problem when it comes. If it comes :)
See ya'

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  1. National Camera Register - Wot's that then? I'm guessing it's some sort of country-wide register that people can enter their camera details into :) Sounds like a good idea. I hope you get your hands on that F3 Roy - it deserves to be properly used. And I mean to say, you can never have too many, right? Oh - and great snaps, as usual.

    1. That's right Michael, it's just a website thing where the majority of people a bit more than averagely interrested in photography looks for things to buy, things to sell, what's happening in the world of photographic arts and so on. They also have provided us all with a quite useful way to organize our equipment. You put it all there, at least the bits and pieces that could be of any interrest, and then you just leave it be. You can easily print out the whole thing for insurance company use or whatever, and you can just click a button to report something stolen. Then the equipment will go to the "stolen" cathegory, and lots of eyes will keep their eyes open for what's coming up for sale during the next days, weeks and months. Depending a bit on what's been stolen, naturally. There's lots and lots of stuff being return to their rightful owners each month, which is a great thing. Not that the words would mean much to you, but there's usually a few interresting articles inside the site as well. www.foto.no is the place, in case you got a few minutes to throw away. The norwegian nature photographer of the year competition was won by a sweede this time... that should wake up a few to try take it home next year, I would think. https://foto.no/artikler/bilder/bildepresentasjon/47420-svenskenes-hevn Some nice snaps in there, I must say.
      And no... you can never have too many, Michael. It's only a question about space. As long as you got room for them, keep them coming! :)


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