lørdag 19. mars 2016

Stuff protruding from ground level

I got nothing much to say today. You're probably very happy, me thinks, as I more or less only have bull to throw out anyway.

Just a few quick snaps today. Both would be of a couple of areas of interrest. Well, not that graveyards are a particular interrest, but maybe it's the towerish thing they have put up on this place. 
Towers put up in more or less low terrain really draw me towards them, either if it's a lighthouse, or like in this case the very small bell tower of a graveyard on a small island on the norwegian coast facing the North Sea. 
I don't know why this attracts me, and what it's all about, but could have something to do with the misfit in some way? And don't make the wrong conclusion please. Misfit in a good way, it is. Like in that the thing don't belong here naturally, but looks great even though protruding like a fallos or something up through the landscape. You might even understand what I'm talking about, for all I know...

Small house to hide away stuff belonging to the graveyard, and to go inside to ring them bells, when needed. I remember snapping this one, because as I approached the place the light was absolutely fantastic, and the tower appeared to be whiter than ever. A few minutes later it looked like this, and never got any better. Typical north western norwegian weather! So, I would need to stay there, I guess. Armed with the heavy Mamiya RZ and some good old film, and just play the waiting game. This was snapped with a fine Sekor APO 250mm lens, fitting the afore mentioned Mamiya RZ system. A lovely lens, but no lens could save the dead light I suddenly experienced here.

Bhut... not only towers housing small church bells sticking up from the ground in this area. There's the lighthouse, ofcourse, which you have seen a hundred times before. And there's a few poles and pylons. Loads of them, to be honest. At least compared to the size of the place. No pylons down towards the graveyard area of the island, as it happens, as there's nothing else down here but bells which would be powered by some human effort. And a nice sandy beach, there is as well. I will snap that some other day.

From the very small island of "Ona" towards the nearby island of "Husøya" where the churchyard is located a bit to the left of everything you see inside this snap. Oh, and the pylon...! It's a good looking one, don't you think? You may even see the small lighthouse over there on the top of "Husøya"? It's a modern thing, mind you, far from as nice as the old thing just above and to the right of me when taking this picture. I got a much better snap of the same scene, captured directly onto some great old Agfa B&W darkroom paper. You may have seen it somewhere in here before...

See, here's one. The Pylon. Placed just below the "Onakalven", which is the name of the small hill upon which the lighthouse is placed. Made in 1867 it was, of cast iron and painted red. They had a good few months of repair done on the old thing a couple of years ago, and when they were finished and removed the tarpaulin it became evident that they had used the wrong color! Or, it's a bit difficult to tell, to be honest, as the red paint will probably fade into the right shade in a few years time. But then again... who knows? We might have to live with this ugly type of red in a lifetime to come, for all I know. Scares the heck out of me, it does!

No post from Ona would be complete without the lighthouse!! This was taken from the stairs of my summer house, or my part of the house to use the more correct wording. It's more or less the view from my kitchen window. You know, morning coffee and such. Looks good, huh...? Mamiya RZ67 and probably that same Sekor 250mm APO lens as mentioned earlier. Got no clue about the film as for now. Probably some cheap China stuff...

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  1. Great to see the little island of Ona on your blog, Roy. I think about that darkroom over there...

    1. Ah... the darkroom on Ona... I've done my bit of dreaming about that as well lately my friend. Most of all I'm thinking of all the time I could spend in there, because you would be more or less stuck inside the house all winter because of the weather and the darkness. Would need to get some good use of the few odd nice days though, to go outside and waste some film. But else you could dig yourself into the dark doing fine adjustments on some useless print. It would be great, and nothing less.


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