torsdag 17. mars 2016

I noticed this morning, today is The Day!

During the opening my blog list this morning I immediately became aware that today is The Day! St. Patrick's day, as it happens, with everything that may involve to anyone out there. To some probably not that very much, but to others around the world it's a very big day for sure!
So first of all; to Michael, Van the Man, Sinèad, The Edge, Phil Lynnot, all the ones I simply have forgot about here and now, and to all you other irishmen out there; A Happy St. Patrick's Day to every single one of you!

I found this Celtic Cross outside the old St. Magnus Cathedral one day I was walking around with my medium format 6x6 Rolleiflex TLR in hand. It's not by any standard close to the large format shot made by my friend over in Ireland, but it's one of the few I ever have snapped on film, thus this is going to be the one I post, on this St. Patrick's Day. I might even have some very well dilluted celtic blood in my own old veins, so I feel it quite justifiable to put it up right here. It's snapped straight towards a totally uninterresting sky, mind you, hence the very light background. Not the best of exposures, to tell you the truth...

You see, it's a big day, St. Patrick's day. We are talking National Day type of thing here, and the irish people seem to have been quite good at keeping this good old tradition alive up through the years. We all know that there's irish people all over the world, and that there's a lot of them! Any town with any respect to itself would have a decent irish pub placed somewhere close to where everything happens. 
We even got a few scotsmen turning irish for the day on board this vessel in the middle of nowhere. They might have some irish heritage to take care of, though. I don't know, to be honest.

Anyway, The Day is being celebrated more or less all over the world these days, and I must say it seems like a good thing to do. After all, norways national day is being celebrated on the most unthinkable corners of the world as well, but that's a totally different thing! St. Patrick's day seem to be a bit different kind of celebration, by taking a quick look around different media. Looks like lots of fun, to me anyway.

Not trying to give the impression being an expert in Celtic heritage and symbols here, but I would certainly think that this might go for a Celtic Cross as well?! Outside the St. Magnus cathedral in Kirkwall this as well, as you might be able to tell from the thing in the background there in more or less focus and everything. Same camera, same film whatever it was I snapped them on. 

That's it about St. Patrick's day for now folks! I simply don't know enough about the matters to bring you the whole story, and that's probably not the point either. Just wanted to make you aware, if you were not so already. 

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  1. A great St Patrick's post Roy. I suspect that Guinness is not on the menu on the rig you find yourself currently and for sure that is a good thing. Unfortunately for many (mostly young ones, you know) over here on this Little Green Island this day is an even bigger excuse than usual to drink to excess, with the usual problems that brings. But there's also a lot of family events and most towns have a parade of some sort. Have a good one anyway my friend and by the way those are impressive snaps - you got right in there up close, which is great.

    1. Thanks Michael, and no, Guinnes is absolutely off the menu out here as you know. As is any other drink with kind of the same ingredients as well, as it happens. Good thing is that it's not too many days left now until it's going home day. Well... I know the young ones getting a bit too much to drink. It's not pretty, at all!
      Thanks for the comment, and have a great evening mate!


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