onsdag 2. mars 2016

Wobbling around in the big blue somewhere

Another short post. And nope, not because I got any different or better kind of internet today than I did yesterday. The news is that the «Cable Ship» was stopped up there in my home town due to some trouble passing «Stadt» during the gale force winds they had over there yesterday. And by the looks of that thing they call a «Cable Ship» in the news over at home, I really got to say I understand a few bits more. A very small boat, looking like something that might used to be a car ferry back in the 60’s. That should say most of what’s needed about the case. The point «Stadt» on the norwegian coast has taken bigger ships down than this one, so I don’t blame her crew at all to be sitting idle just where they are at the moment, to be fair.

Worst thing is that I just got words that the tele and internet operator had offers in from a different company to help them out of this somewhat sticky situation, but they refused to take it. It’s probably a question about money, as usual, but anyway. Now the whole Bømlo island over there is without land line telephones, which does not cause too much trouble if you take into account most people use mobile phones these days. A bit on the worse side is that also all Cash Points and card terminals are down, which in short should mean no one can pay what they need from day to day. This is going to make some trouble for someone quite soon, me thinks. Inside the tele company, that is.

Finally the windy conditions went somewhere else this morning a bit out here on the east side of Scotland, where I think I am at the moment, and we are back in business if you take away the small issues with communication and stuff like that. Makes life a bit easy for us it is, not having a single e-mail coming in for a week or so. I just hate to think about what’s piling up inside the server on the land side, just waiting for us to get connected. I will get busy at some point for sure.

Photography… which is what this blog should really be all about, even though I might seem to forget just that from time to time; 
Todays photographs would be from our trip to Wales a few years ago. A lovely trip it was for sure. Good enough to make me want to go back some day. But then again, there's a lot of other places I have not seen yet either, so I might need to go there first.

I got cameras around inside my bag on this trip as well. I have been feeling the temptation on a couple of occations, to grab one of them and snap away towards something or someone. I have not fully done so just yet, but I will get there one day. Probably soonish.
I even got one of the battery driven things in there, inside of that bag. The plastic Nikon F-401 thingy. No worries folks, as I also got real cameras just in case the power-driven thing suddenly calls it a day at some point. 
I might even write something photo related one day quite soon, so stay tuned and don’t miss a thing from out here at sea! All of a sudden you might even read something a little wee bit interresting for a change. Who knows…?

Oh yes sure, there’s birds nerds up there on that cliff edge in Wales. You just barely see them, but they’re there for sure. I’m not too sure about exactly what they were looking for, but looked they did for a while, until they obviously found other things to look for. This was snapped from the South Stack lighthouse, just to make good track of things that happened a few years ago now. It’s probably about time to get back to this area soon. We need to stay a bit longer though. And we would also need to take the trip across to the other side of The Minch and all.

South Stack lighthouse, as it appears from not to far from the cliff edge of Anglesay looking outwards. Out in The Minch that is. Towards the green islands on the other side there, where I never been as for yet. Just stop looking, because you could not see very far out into it on the day I snapped this anyway. At least not all the way over to the other side, for sure.

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