lørdag 5. mars 2016

I digged deep down inside that hard drive...

And found these. Nice little 135 film frames from almost 18 years back in time now. I remember this was the first test film I snapped with one of those early Nikon FM2 cameras I still got somewhere in my camera bag. Nice little memories they are for sure. 
The youngest of them girls will have her 19'th birthday on monday, as it happens. Time flies, you see.

I got no idea what kind of film I used, as there's no info anywhere on the files. Probably some Ilford or Kodak Tri-X if I need to give it a guess. HP5 is my best bet. I am absolutely sure about the camera though. And the lens, which was the very good Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 thing I still also got around here somewhere. 

Amalie, the birthday girl. She has obviously just been robbing her grandmothers currant bush for some berries. I think she was red around her mouth for the majority of this late summer of  -98

Malin, the middle one of the three. She usually was to be found somewhere up in a tree these years, no matter what clothes and shoes she was wearing at the time. And Teddy was never far away.

Glenn, the big brother. He got this brazillian jersey from his uncle or grandad this summer, or the summer before. I think he wore it for three years or so... and I mean more or less each and every day!

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  1. Great photographs Roy. You'll never be able to take those again, so it's very special to have them.


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