onsdag 16. mars 2016

Time flies when you have fun!

Time really went away this evening. I had an idea for a post a bit earlier, but I will certainly not start going down that line here and now! One need some sleep as well, as you might be aware of allready.

We used our time well today, finishing off the stuff we did out east... whatever that was, and moved westwards over to the west of Shetland fields where we are right now. Have got the ROV's wettened and all, which means we should be on our way searching for whatever we are searching for along the pipe thing down there at the sea bed. It's tedious work, I tell you!

I'm kind of back to my habbits, posting totally random photos. It was just that I found this nice portrait of my father, probably snapped some time during the mid 90's. See, film was the big thing back then as well. I remember these spools, and as a matter of fact I still got a few of them. Old Ilford spools they are, and used to be great because you could quite easily re-use them if you were a tiny bit careful during the opening of the little can. So that's what we did here. Rolling our own film, and probebly checking the result after cutting the end. This was probably snapped using my old Nikon F401 or something. That's a guess... And the scanning sucks, I know!

Nothing more to say tonight. Or, I would have if I started earlier, but will have to wait until tomorrow! Until then, stay safe and take care folks.

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