fredag 11. august 2017

What about his mental health, you may think by now...?

It's a fact, sadly enough, that some people suffer from some degree of mental illness while others seems to keep themselves with a rather fit upstairs throughout their whole life no matter how old they grow. That's just the way it is, even though I don't like the thought of it. 
I would, and probably most people share my view on this, prefere if we could all be well and up to speed through all our lives. All of us.
I'm not going to dive and dig very deeply into this, because I know nothing much about it at all to tell the truth, but there was this little thing I found lurking around the big social media site this morning that caught my eye. I had a decent attempt to try reading through it a few minutes ago as I finally found the time for it. I found it to be a tiny bit interesting, but nothing much more than that actually.

It's right here, if you would prefere to have a look at it yourselves as well. Not only taking my words as gospel, as that would not be a very wise thing to do in the longer term of things. 

Looks like these steps has been used a bit up through the years. It's from the IOGT house in my home town. It's where the local photo club has their monthly meetings, as it happens. I've been there once, but will walk them steps soon again. There's even a darkroom up there, at the very top of the stairs.
Don't remember too well, but might have been snapped with one of the leicas, or maybe it was a Nikon. Wide angle lens, for sure.

It's about the posts out there on instagram, as you might know by now, and what them snaps might look like compared to our inner selves.
All it says is basically that I must be a mental wreck... at least if instagram posts and blog posts and stuff you post on the said other big social media place can be compared, which we have to assume they can. And I post on all three platforms, mind you. You'll find more or less the same snaps all over them places, or at least different versions of the same things. And they are dark... most of them, I know. Mainly because my medium of choice completely lacks pigments of any sorts. Secondary because I personally find them pigments (whenever I find them and use them) to be a bit in the way inside a nice snap. Not all the time, mind you, but often. In addition, I seem to like the darkish mood of things at times, as it's also a bit fitting to the place I live concerning the lack of light most of the year.

Closed door!

That's why I got what I think would be a few "good reasons" to post my grainy, darkish and gloomy snaps. 
Still I consider myself as being of very good mental health, or even mentally strong believe it or not, even though my pictures may suggest otherwise. I'm even checked every now and again, because of the nature of the work I do of course, but that's a totally different story.
Don't know what I really wanted to say with this one, other than maybe suggest that I will still treat a B&W photo, and their belonging B&W photographers, for what I still think they really are. Great artists with focus on the feelings inside a picture and lots to say, and a bunch of fantastic people that I really love and respect.
Nah! I don't this article hits every nail right on the spot, even though there's probably some truth in there as well. 
After all, it's been researched by this Harvard doctor and everything.
That's it, really :)

Oh... and happy days and good health to all of you out there!!

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  1. I think it's difficult to know a person's mental state through photos posted on social media and websites. Some depressed people post depressing photos as a way of expressing their sadness, like listening to sad music when you don't feel good. It can help. Other people post happy photos to cover their depression. But I'm not a psychologist . . . .
    I think someone going through my photo website would just conclude that I'm incompetent . . . . :)

    1. Thanks a lot for posting your thoughts, Marcus :)
      Yeah... that was my initial thought as well when I found the results of this research. It's hard to tell, actually, about why we sometimes post rather dark and gloom photos and snaps from the things we find on our way.
      Nah, I got no reason to judge others state of mind at all, and at least not by the photos they post wherever they post them on the net.
      Just briefly checked out your blog. I'll keep an eye to it in the future as well :)

    2. Thank you for having a look at the blog. The photos haven't been that good lately. I'll blame it on the heat . . . . The galleries might be better to look at during the summer months. :)


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