lørdag 19. august 2017

Back home, again :)

Back home again, which is a very good feeling indeed. A long trip it was as my new tickets meant I had to change planes three times, and a bit of waiting in between as well of course. 
Well, I was inside the house an hour or so past midnight which was good enough in the end. 

Another one from the Rolleiflex a bit earlier this summer. Late night shot on either 1/2s or 1s shutter time. No tripod, but I think I might supported the old thing in my lap or something. 

Just thought it was about time to check my undeveloped films. Find them from all the places I've put them and get ready to get them all done. 16 rolls 135 film and 7 rolls 120 film is going to take me some time to come through I'm afraid. 
I'll try my best folks, so keep coming back to this place and I hopefully will have something new some day soon. 

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  1. I look forward to all the blog posts from all that film you've yet to develop!

    1. Oh well... thank you very much indeed for your positive thoughts Jim :)
      I'm not too sure there will be much to jump around in joy about, but we'll just have to wait and see, as usual. Nearly 2.30 in the morning now, and I'm at least a few rolls into the bunch. I might have something to show some time tomorrow with a bit of luck. At least now it's just up to the digital side of things... if we look besides the very analog drying process and stuff, of course.
      Looks like there's a few half frame rolls in between them, as it happens, as I was a bit curious about how the old Olympus Pen-EE3 thing performed. It looks rather decent looking at the negs with these old eyes from a distance anyway, so let's just wait and see what the scans might reveal. I'll be back some time tomorrow I guess :)


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