onsdag 9. august 2017

A few quick thoughts at the end of a long day

Been a long day at work this one. 
Stuff someone just have to do, you know, at least when the engineers are busy doing other things. Blocked shower drains, I try not to say too much about that... and also doing the yearly filter change on the crane involving 15 filters and a serious amount of hydraulic oil flowing freely all over where you don't want it to flow.
You can easily bring two extra guys with two buckets each, and the oil will still flow where you seriously don't want it. Murphys law... just good old Murphys law!
I'll leave the rest to your own imagination.

The weather is nice though! And we're seeing the end of the trip coming closer each minute now. Just one more week and I'll be home, or at least bag packed and ready to fly the next morning. 
Still... let's just hope for a Wednesday crew change. I think we deserve that now, thinking about the blocked drains and things like that. 

We hear new rumors each day now, about new stuff we seem to might get to do in the months to come. All sorts of stuff has been mentioned, but we have to wait and see what's coming down as real work in the end. Looks like we're heading over to old Norway soon, though. Still a couple of weeks ahead, but we're getting there. 

From the old dry dock at Rubbestadneset, Bømlo, Norway around Christmas time 2016. Rolleiflex squary box TLR with some Zeiss Planar lens on board. Got no idea about the film used, but might find out if someone should show the tiniest bit of interest... 

I went around the area shown in the snap above a bit last year. Around Christmas time it was, or just a couple of weeks before Christmas, to tell the truth. 
It was a nice place taking into consideration we're talking about a yard. A shipyard, to be specific. 
Nice old boat inside of that dry dock and everything. It was built back in the days when they really knew how to design a ship. 
These days they only build square stuff... or so it seems, at least. 
Anyway, I'm actually happy if they build more ships at all to tell you the truth. To keep me busy and stuff like that, of course. 
And what would this place be without one or two stories from the huge, blue ocean anyway?

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